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RSS Sir1geto

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1 point

It is a good question, one that really needs to be addressed within the Christian community. There are so called "fundamentalists" within the Christian faith who cannot even hold true to our core beliefs. I do believe homosexuality is a sin, but I'm not going to go say hateful things to them because I would just be a hypocrite not to mention a dick. I do believe that homosexuality is a sin, however I believe to job of the government is to protect others from injustices done to them by others. While I don't morally agree with gay marriage I do not think it is harmful to others and I see no good reason why it should not be allowed.

If I spelled something wrong sorry I have better things to do than read over this 5x

1 point

I do agree that problems would still exist, however communication between different countries would be much simpler. The world's economy would be much more efficient as previous language barriers would not be present. The elimination of and social barrier will not solve all problems, but they could solve some.

(if anything I have typed is unclear, please comment I have atrocious grammar)

2 points

I agree I found this article about it online, many boys are inherently disadvantaged by the way school is taught nowadays. However, if boys are taught properly I feel they can excel just as well as females do in academics.

Supporting Evidence: Article about boys and girls learning styles (
1 point

Here is a question why use a population that there is such a smaller amount of, mice and other creatures used in experiment are very standardized, and are much more available than pedophiles, I mean does anyone know how many pedophiles we have in prison?

1 point

Yep I am assuming you just read his letter today at like 10-12? I loved that letter it was truly a work of art.

1 point

Lol someone is in High school English Language and Composition right?

1 point

No the government should not pay for post secondary education. Where will they get this money huh? It costs a lot of money to go to college. The only thing I would support is academic scholarships based on merit, then people that are less fortunate financially, can be rewarded for their hard work and endeavors in high school.

1 point

Darwin has provided a solution for all of us... Survival of the fittest. Just kidding, hmm just start giving out more death-penalties, or maybe we all just need another World War I mean it can't hurt can it? every little bit counts.

1 point

I actually just read a letter written to Jefferson by Benjamin Banneker, about freeing slaves and Jefferson and the other founding father's hypocrisy. That man is most definitely a genius.

1 point

No I believe that no one believes that God will answer prayers, not because they do not believe he is capable of doing so, rather they may feel unworthy and this doubt would probably cause God not to grant a prayer. (Its a stretch... but whatever)

About Me

"I am a good person who took the time to fill in the about me information on my profile, now you know... Anyone read the Next 100 Years by George Friedman (I'm pretty sure that's his name) awesome book. Currently only one fan I am in need of some more. (lol) P.S.- Does anyone know why my score is only 98% even though all my arguments are positive?"

Biographical Information
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Independent
Country: United States
Religion: Christian-other
Education: High School

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