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RSS Skb11

Reward Points:92
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2 points

if we are 100% sure about something, then the question of probability won't even arise...... :)

skb11(92) Clarified
1 point

OOPS!!!!!!! .........that happens............... right???

1 point

its absolutely true .

there is no need to take care of anything if you decide not to live we will be enjoying our life .

'dream as if you will live forever ,live as if you will die today '

1 point

for eg.

mukesh ambani ,who has a house worth 2 billion dollars,27stories,3 helicopter landing pads,...................................................................................a long list.

even though he is the 5th richest person in the world it doesnt mean that he should waste his entire wealth like this.

1 point

men lies to the women because they does the things that women doesnt like

1 point

since we dont have the ability to make words, why stop others from doing so?we must actually encourage them.they can say that the word made by them is in the dictionary and thats a big thing.

1 point

now itself there are a number of words which we might not have even heard of.then why there is a need for adding some more to the list ?

9 points

if all the teachers give homework at the same time,then what will the students do?

8 points

homework is bad because it cause the children to despise the subjects with a load of homework.they will put less and less effort to the subject which will affect his grades and finally he willl fail in the subject.

for completing the homework they will get up early and lose their sleep which will affect their health.

1 point

is that how you made these many friends ? then i agree with you

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Name: Sruthy 
Gender: Girl
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Independent
Country: India
Religion: Hindu
Education: In College

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