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1 point

That is my motto i follow every day. The more i think i know, the more i realize i don't know much at all.

1 point

Although you bring some decent points regarding avoidance of sexual diseases and treating body as sanctuary, i do not fully agree with your reasoning. It's nice to give virginity as a gift to your partner, but if let's say we won't have any strong chemistry, I am destroying my happiness in life. It's all cute to think aww he is giving me his virginity, but if you don't enjoy it and still marry him because of respect, you are not making yourself happy.There is too much to risk with one partner when you cannot compare to others. I think mature relationships form when one knows what he/she wants in their relationship. You first have to know what you like, before you decide to keep it for the rest of your life.

You have to try different foods in order to know what you like to eat. You cannot just naively go after the first dish you see. You might or might not like it.

When i say women and men are not monogamous, I don't mean it's okay to screw around. Having maybe 1 to 2 partners max before marriage is fine, as long as of course birth control is used and of course the couple has to be mature enough mentally,physically to be having sex.

I totally disagree with 13 year old teens having sex at such young age. Not only most kids have sex because of social acceptance and peer pressure, as you say they are traumatizing their future marriage. If their first experience is bad, this can lead to emotional trauma.

I say have sex in a controlled environment, where you like your partner a lot. You are mature in making your own decisions and taking proper precautions.

1 point

Why should sex before marriage be bad? Its better if you had your share of experiences before you got married, because you won't lust in your marriage as much. Did you know that after having sex a couple can tell what type of chemistry they have? They wouldn't have otherwise known without it. So go do your research.

Biologically speaking did you know that by nature, humans are not monogamous creatures? Most mammals have social monogamy, meaning they pair up to mate, raise an offspring, but still have affairs. The concept behind it is, by having multiple offspring from different fathers allows the female to increase the genetic variation. This increase improves the chances of the '' fittest of all'' to survive in a long term in harsh environments and improve genes for future generations. I am not making this up, this is natural. So why are you surprised if men/women cheat? It's in their nature!

Monogamy was invented to keep an order on couples, but it is not a natural state of primate species such as monkeys or humans. So i am not surprised when a husband has a sexy smart wife still looks around for affairs. I always thought men would kill to have such wife, why is he cheating? The reason is biology. New studies have shown amazing facts, many examples, i was blown away by it. Of course you cannot always blame it on nature, we are not primates anymore, we are homo sapiens, how foolish of us if we cannot control our own biology. (Apparently not, there is a high rate of cheating among couples). Where is your dignity, honor?

It's interesting that women, lets say have a sexy husband,still need to go out to get attention from other males. Women won't accept this, but it's true. We need to feel accepted not only by our husband, but by other males. We need to feel wanted. How pathetic as it sounds, but true. This is a form of cheating as well! Maybe minor, but those thoughts are there. This was programmed right into our brains.

Humans are controlled so much by their instincts, that they cannot control their urge of not cheating. If they don't cheat they fantasize..that's worse. I say have a balance, whenever you get those thoughts always remain calm, and always imagine how would you feel if your partner betrays you. Right away you snap out.

It all depends how much you can control your urges. If the respect between your partner is so strong, like mine, i would kill myself before cheating. I would feel so guilty, i wouldn't be able to live with myself. Marriage should be build on respect and then love. Whenever i have those thoughts of infidelity, I am aware and I defuse my own biology. My husband knows about this, and we openly talk about it.

And yes, sexual relationship must be supported to see the chemistry/compatibility in the couple. A lot of virgin marriages fail because of lack of chemistry! Chemistry is the igniter, the catalyst for the relationship. Before you marry you have to feel that bond. Without it, your marriage will be miserable.

The most powerful signals in chemistry are operating through unconscious ways, pheromones, hormones ,it all shapes our feelings towards our partner. You have to know how you click in bed!

Ex.If one spouse wants sex a few times a week, and the other spouse rarely wants sex, then even if they both enjoy the same kind of sexual activities, the difference in their frequency desire can lead to lifelong conflicts. You probably won’t want to live the majority of your life wondering: What if? You probably won’t want to live the majority of your life missing out on not having comparative experiences. But if you choose that path, good luck.

How many couples do you know that complain that they are not getting enough? Google it up, it's a very common problem.

1 point

There should be a DEATH PENALTY for any pervert pedophile,rapists, zoophilia!. I am amazed when these scums of shit only get few years sentence in jail after assaulting innocent kids. If I was the head of the government I would have them already killed, without question!

Actually, I would also create an underground prison where they would serve as slaves. Slow painful death is better for these assholes than a merciful quick one! Jails are quite modern here, i saw on discovery channel how inmates have their own basketball court, they can go on on. Why are we making it so easy on those fucks, when we are paying the taxes for them! They should suffer!

Its better not having these morons running on the streets when they get out looking for more victims.

I strongly believe a person cannot change their ways of thinking unless they lose something in process or something triggers their behavior. I do not believe a pedophile who raped 10 girls and spend 10 years in jail will come out clean. Human tendencies tend to repeat, especially if those pedophiles are sick in their head. How can they move on with their traumas. They need that adrenalin, they have to do things that are forbidden in the society, because it keeps these psychos alive. They are afraid of adult rejection and need innocent children to pray upon. I don't have any compassion for those sickos.

Of course you will find that 10% of inmates that will repent. Most of them, I believe don't.

But that's just my opinion

1 point

Yes, eventually. If China really wanted, they could have attacked us a while ago. The lifestyle Chinese have differs from Americans. Most of my friends that came here from China have a total different mentality. They keep telling me that life here is too easy for children comparing to their country.

Parents are very strict and force their kids to do well academically.While we here in North America take it easy and enjoy our life, Chinese bust their assess off like robots to be better than us. Yet they only surpass us population wise. Asia has been holding their jealousy for too long. Eventually they will want to boost their ego up a little bit and stir some confrontation.

It's coming. China is becoming quite powerful and that is not good for us!

Soviet Union was never a threat to the USA. Stalin always wanted to have power within the USSR, he never thought about surpassing USA. Chinese strive to defeat us.

1 point

As far as i know, communism hasn't been successful. If everyone gets the same wages, others start to complain.

1 point

Who says crop circles are there to mess with us? If we cannot decipher our own existence, what makes us think we can ever understand other intelligent life forms? We would probably bomb any aliens before we meet them. We are so scared of the unknown, we will pee in our pants... haha

1 point

Who's talking about nukes here? Before any nukes will set off, we are already meddling with nature on a daily basis. Look at the obvious!

1 point

Look around you. The planet's temperature has already risen so much in the last few decades, millions of animal species are being extinct as we speak, the trillions of plastics loating in the world's oceans are only accumulating, we are depleting Natural Resources. You cannot ignore Global Warming anymore, it's real!

The overpopulation of humans is affecting the environment, we have to destroy forests and trees to build housing for growing population. We are already at 7 billion now and only increasing!

We are the parasites, bacteria populating this planet! Out of all mammals, we are the only ones destroying what keeps us alive. We are taking nature for granted and for this we will pay. While other animals work together to preserve their living,as they did for millennium, we, humans are competing for power and greed. Eventually this planet will wipe us out, as it did in the past. This is COMMON SENSE!

It gets worse, with all these problems increasing on a daily basis, we are exploiting all the oil for profit. Countries are fighting one another for oil exploitation, conversion of oil to petrol results in polluting the environment. All the by products of oil eventually get into the ground, into the air, into the water, eventually poising the humanity. Ever heard of cancer caused by plastic bottles? Do your homework, research this. Have you ever heard of genetically modified food? Look at agriculture,have you ever heard of candies being fed to cattle during the drought? Feeding them with corn is too expensive.

This was just the tip of the iceberg! With more people and less resources, there is unemployment, that leads to poverty and increased crime rate.

Wake up, the end is nearer than we thought! I feel sorry for the future generations, because they will be cursing us for the mistakes we have done.

Stop sitting on your ass, waiting for someone to make a move,stop ignoring these facts, accept the truth and face the consequences. If everyone just keeps ignoring the situation, by blaming the corporations, nothing will get done. Let's all wake up!

Why such debate even needed to exist, of course we can destroy the planet. It's happening RIGHT NOW.

“On average, one tree produces nearly 260 pounds of oxygen each year. Two mature trees can provide enough oxygen for a family of four.”

- Environment Canada, Canada’s national environmental agency.

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