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RSS Smartie

Reward Points:21
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

I say slow because it is snowing and raining when its about to be summer like what is going on with that? what is happening to the world

1 point

I go with purple because it is cute and if you say green you have a problem so bye.

1 point

I say yes because if anyone in danger they can call for help and because if they don't know where someone is or where there going just give them a call so i say yes

1 point

No girl should have more wrights then boys because girls can actually respect someone boys are just rude so i say girls should have more wright and you cant forget one more thing girls are more mushier than boys

1 point

I say Disney land it is the best thing ever i went there when i was a little kid and i love it so i choose Disneyland and it is way better than Conley island

1 point

I say tea because it help you heal and coffee makes people stay up all night and not let them get any sleep will coffee on the other hand help you go to sleep and help you fill better not like the other options

1 point

I say girls are better because there more mu-chore and they have respect and don't be gang banging like boys and girl are the best because there nice and not jerks that is what i say girls are better

1 point

I say feed the poor and get them a house but they gone have to work so they can pay the bills that i'm not going to do so i will buy them a house and some food cause they really need it and if you said the other choice you got a problem so i say no i would feed the homeless because i'm nice like that and i not a dummy like the people that chose the other choice so yeah and i'm not selfish so

1 point

I say ice cream cake because it is better than cake dough layer cake

1 point

Popcorn because it last longer so you wont have to go to the store over and over again you can stay in the house with your popcorn

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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