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RSS Smilinbobs

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1 point

So you clearly feel as though you are entitled to a good life at the expense of others It's not the job of your bankers, or employers to make your way through life. That is your responsibility no one is forced to default on their mortgage. They may have to change their lifestyle or work harder than they want but ultimately it will be their choice to do what it takes to keep their home or to just keep doing what they are doing and fail. This the kind of mindset that instills the parasitic behavior of socialists

1 point

First Hitler gassing Jews is a completely different topic and one that you may find very unexpectedly disturbing if you researched it to it's fullest extent. hint (more fiction than truth)

The modern education system and society have convince you in a socialist manner that you need to be in debt, False, I have been in debt for 15 years of my 54 when I bought my home. It is the only loan I have ever needed. It was my choice to go into debt and I paid it off responsibly. All of my other needs I worked for and lived within a budget as I do now.

1 point

Wrong, in capitalism you are not forced to purchase anything you don't wish to purchase. So if you go into debt by purchasing things on credit you should be responsible for paying it back and the people willing to lend you their wealth need some incentive to lend it to you interest is that incentive.

What makes you think socialism is not a form of slavery you are forced to pay for things which you may not use like health care and furthered education.

1 point

Socialism creates poverty, and a lack of incentive to be productive. This creates the drug abusers who are not productive in socialist economies there is no need for them to be productive. Drug dealers are exempt from the socialist economics as an illegal activity the government is not stealing their wealth. Dealing drugs is only a crime because the Government is heavily involved in big pharma where they make money from drugs and they don't want competition.

1 point

Can you give examples of places where this takes place? This is one of the difference between theoretical vs practical. In theory good when actually implemented doesn't work do to the nature of humans.

1 point

Again I say Capitalism is the lack of government involvement in business. You are clearly indicating what is true about the socialist part of our economic situation. As as in all socialist economies big business is entwined in government interchangeable you might say.

1 point

Capitalism is an economic system without government intervention Socialism is the control of business by government. So when you are discussing the "capitalist state" as you call it you are discussing the socialist end of our economic atmosphere. The further we go down the socialist rabbit hole the more of this you will see.

1 point

So in your world you would have theft as a legal practice? There would be no need to contribute to your own wealth you would just take it. What happens when all of the contributors exit the horrible world which you have created so that they could keep the wealth that they earned?

1 point

Socialism only works in small groups like a family where the supporting members voluntarily contribute to the group wealth. This is done because the supporting members feel an obligation to care for the non contributing members.

If socialism contributions are involuntary (this is theft) this creates an atmosphere of dissent. This is where socialism fails because the contributors and non-contributors are essentially equal. Why would you want to be a contributor?

In capitalism your worth is determined by your contribution and with ambition you can achieve any reasonable desired wealth. If you offer no contribution it is your choice but you should not expect others to support you.

1 point

When you have 1,000,000 dollars and you decide to lend it out to make money you can set your own rate on lending. You can lend it to the poor at 12% and hopefully it works out for you. My guess is that it won't. You will most likely lose on some of your investments. If you lend it to the wealthy they will either pay it back or you will take it using the law out of their wealth (which they have being wealthy) It's not a matter of fair it's just reality. The thing about reality and truth is that it's not always fair.

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About Me

"I love to debate religion and politics. I enjoy a polite debate."

Biographical Information
Name: Bob Smilin
Gender: Male
Age: 56
Marital Status: Married
Political Party: Independent
Country: United States
Postal Code: 13820
Religion: Atheist
Education: Some College

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