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RSS Socrates

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1 point

The way the question is phrased it sounds too definitive as if one can know so much about a person merely by the 'name' of his religion. Far more important than that is a person's attitude or feeling or thoughts regarding religion, his relation to god and his fellow humans.

I once read that religion is like software (say MS Word vs. Word Perfect) it's what you're used to, they both offer the same general capabilities but what you create with them is the importatnt thing.

4 points

This needs to be handled by the local law enforcement agents and local judiciary. They need to gather evidence against applicable laws and proceed accordingly. If there is justifiable suspicion of immediate danger to life then a court order needs to be obtained with appropriate follow-up.

The guiding principal in all such situations is that we must always remain a nation of laws, diligently protecting our constitutional liberties by affording every citizen the right to due process.

7 points

Not too long ago I would have, without hesitation said yes. But given the drift in this country to more and more centralization of power in the presidency I am not so sure. I wonder about forces such as Blackwater; is this destined to be a private force of the executive?

What if McCain is elected? He believes in 'winning the war' on terrorism. I believe he will naturally seek to exert increased control over security to the detriment of constitutional safeguards of liberty.

It may take ordinary citizens, armed, to ultimately defend our Constitution. Our Founding Fathers fought against linger odds.

It reminds of something I once read --- what if every Jew in Hitler's Germany killed one SS troop as he came to arrest him? The number of Jews vastly outnumbered the German SS.

10 points

I don't believe in God if you write it with a capital "G". That implies a proper noun, a name, something or someone distinct, defined - known. It's like is said in the Tao Te Ching, "The name that can be named is not the eternal Name".

The reason that the concept of God exists is precisely because humans, conscious of their own selves and their own death, are aware of their lack of answers to the most fundamental questions. I believe God evolved in man's thinking to be a storehouse for a the answers that satisfied man's need for answers about 'life after death', 'the purpose of life', etc. Without such answers I truly believe the burden of consciousness would have been and still would be impossible to bear.

If you consider god with a small "g", I believe to the center of my being. We are humble creatures, making many things, doing many things, knowing many things, but essentially misguided or unguided. The only answer is humility, the worst sin is hubris - the sin of thinking we know God which can only lead to the most prideful, disastrous results.

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