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RSS Somang1216

Reward Points:21
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Even if you don't graduate from college, you can have time to think about your future. Not graduating from college does not always mean you can't think and plan about your future. You could learn more in college, however that depends on what job you want. Someone can learn from many resources such as people, experiences, book and many more, without having to go to college.

1 point

Everyone deserves a future and an opportunity. Someone doesn't have enough money to attend college, then she is stuck forever without a job a college graduate can have. I believe that this I not very fair.

1 point

Yes, it clearly states in the bible, that Homosexuality is a sin. For it is God's word, and we must not go against it.

1 point

No one would buy CDs, which can lead to closing jobs, and we need more jobs for people!

Also, who knows who is behind all these websites of free music,

they can get your information, and they could even hack your personal information and important things that belong to you!

It could also be inappropriate, too. Any one can make websites!

It's very dangerous, so I think it shouldn't legal to download music for free.

1 point

Yes, it is wroung, think about the economy, no one buys CDs or records, the stores will close, America needs jobs! If everyone downloads, no more jobs!

Yes, no more hardprintouts, but internet takes lots of energy too! Electricity, but no one ever listens toCDs!

Bad for artist and recorder too!

Its wrong!!!

1 point

It shows this country that all of us are together, in one mind, goal,,, and social relationships, it shows pride in our one country. Kids don't have to worry about not having much style or having much fancy clothes. I really think schools shouldn't ban uniforms. Also, if you had a closet full of uniforms, and BAN, destroy, all uniforms, how much waste of money is it?

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Winning Position: NO!!!Cats ROCK!
Winning Position: Downloading Music For Free Should Be Legal (B2A)

About Me

"I love debate, and I really enjoy many things, THANK YOU!"

Biographical Information
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States
Religion: Christian-other

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