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RSS Sophie9899

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2 points

My brother has been in care for fifth teen years and a month ago he was allowed to live back with our mum!! If my foster mum didnt want me then I'd go back to my mum, and I know that because I have been told!! I'd rather be loved on the streets than hated with a home

2 points

I have been in foster care for fourteen years, all my life and the carer I have now. I have been with for seven years and she can't go a whole days without yelling at me, she has been really mean to me, she was only meant to have us for two weeks. My real mum never tells me off, because I never do anything wrong

1 point

That depends on how they're are raised. I hate. Hyping new clothes because I never got bought things when I was little, I have been in and out of care for fourteen years(I'm fourteen)

1 point

I totally agree 100% with what I just said and anyone who disagrees clearly doesnt know anything about babies!! I have lived with my foster un for seven years and she has looked after four babies and I got attached to the three girls but not the boy, it is fact that more girls are put into care than boys but people still care for them!!

1 point

I personally prefer girls but you shouldn't really choose because it is really mean, especially if you have a girl in your house and you chose boys!!

1 point

I would rather raise a girl because I don't really want to look at a boys parts. Girls don't actually cry as much

0 points

Girls are cute and they understand your feelings Whereas boys and rude and don't know when to stop, it is really unfair to choose boys over girls

1 point

Girls are no issue. I have two six month old baby girls in the house and they are just the cutest, girls understand you but then again it depends on your weakness and strengths, I looked after a baby boy and he was really hard. That was because he was always constipated but really it depends, if they have had an easy life with no confusions or complications then they adapt well to different environments. It all depends on their pad and what problems they have. It doesn't matter which is cuter and those who disagree are heartless. If you had a baby girl and you thought it was ugly you wouldn't leave it, or you shouldn't!! You care for it, you can't pick what you get but you love it and care for it anyway and maybe when they grow up, they'll care for you?

1 point

yes i support enigmaticman because this person knoswhat they're talking about when they say this.

1 point

everyone should have rights, we cant help who we fall in love with, but we can help drug addiction, drug addicts could very well kill themselves and it is not fair to doctors and nurses who have to treat them because they take too many because they have people to deal with who's life are on the line, people who actually care about themselves and want to live, unlike alcoholics and drug addicts, why sell drugs to help people if some aren't even injured and need them.

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Winning Position: Yes, they should be allowed

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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