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RSS Srtrnc43331

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0 points

And somebody probably plucked you straight out of the alley.

0 points

Boys shouldn't be really be wearing nail polish... just sayin'!

Don't diss the Batman. It's not fair that everyone here is criticizing him for not only giving correct facts but also citing his sources, when other people who think the exact opposite of him don't get criticized at all. Why are people so dumb?

I know he tells people, "You are banned for this and that." But other people do it too. Not just him. Stop targeting certain people. You guys might as well target me too! Or sciencerules, or excon. They probably feel like banning people who don't think like them.

Maybe YOU guys need to learn to use this site properly...

I don’t like it. It’s gross and tastes like cheese! And I don’t like cheese.

srtrnc43331(135) Clarified
1 point

Are you talking to me?


2 points

They are mentally ill…

I don’t support trans pride at all. It is not possible to change the sex of a human or any species.

Transgender is wrong. If somebody tells me “you’re misgendering me” and they identify as a she when they’re a he I’m gonna say “no I’m not”.

9 points

There’s no need for Pedophile Pride! I hate Pride more than anything. Even more than cheese! Pedophiles are so weird and they don’t know what they’re doing. “They’re just children, not gods!” Exactly. So no raping them, because they’re just kids!

I don’t support gay pride.

Despite the rumor that it is found in nature, I choose not to believe that kind of nonsense - Animals cannot be gay. They don’t have a big enough brain to process such deep thoughts. Turtles mount on each other to collect sun rays. Not because they’re gay! Again, animals cannot be gay.

There are many STDs - HIV? AIDS? Monkeypox? And you still choose to believe that it’s ok? I know there’s condoms but still, they don’t fully protect you.

It’s a choice - people choose their actions. Environmental factors cause people to choose to be what they are (notice that I said what they are and not “who” they are ), but you can still resist temptations.

As for myself, I’m a male and I have a crush on four different girls right now.

2 points

I like CreateDebate but I miss cancelled June 5. I joined here June 6,2022.

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Winning Position: Zoophilia

About Me

"I am the person who believes in God’s truths."

Biographical Information
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States
Religion: Catholic

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