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srtrnc43331(86) Clarified
2 points



2 points

Isn't it amazing that sciencerules is the only person that answered on this side?

(By the way, I am a pro-creationist)

2 points

I agree! Is there ANYTHING we don't agree on?

Bill Nye is definitely an actor. His shows are stupid anyway!

2 points

I agree with everything you say.

There is no possible way that the Earth is 4.5 billion years old! Humans have only been around for 6,000 years.

You could be right about the 7 Days of Creation. That made me more theistic.

I'm uncertain still about dinosaurs as well. They could have lived in a different civilization until an asteroid killed them. It is not officially known when that was. (I certainly hope no asteroid kills humans either!).

srtrnc43331(86) Clarified
2 points

Don't read this, batman. This was when I was a pro-evolutionist. I am now a pro-creationist.

2 points

Here’s an argument nobody will be able to argue with.

If humans used to be apes, does that mean in one point in time, apes gave birth to humans? I don’t think so!

And they say there’s “Neanderthal” skulls. They are actually ape skulls, it’s just “science” making everyone believe this stupid stuff.

2 points

I don’t believe in evolution either.

There was no point in time when an ape gave birth to a human. We were Not fish. Fish don’t lay monkeys. They never did.

srtrnc43331(86) Clarified
2 points

I don't believe in evolution either. God created the world in seven days because He is powerful. I used to believe in evolution, but after reading your one hundred posts about anit-evolution, not anymore (I didn't read all 100).

But do you believe in dinosaurs?

Anyway, if God created the first Homo Sapiens, Adam and Eve, and there were neanderthals... then that can't be right. Those skulls are ape skulls. Some animals have gone EXTINCT, but they have never evolved into another species.

I don't know if dinosaurs are real, but if they are, then they had to have lived the same time as the early humans.

There is no such thing as homo sapiens, it is "humans". I've seen skulls of "neanderthals", which are actually apes.

Yo May see other messages that say that I believe in evolution, but that’s before this message

1 point

New York Times website is the same website that says being homosexual is genetic. Would you trust a website like that?

1 point

Unfortunately there is one thing we disagree on. Evolution is real. God made evolution. He created dinosaurs. He did create Adam and Eve. God created everything.

But I genuinely think that Bill Nye is a paid actor!

I am both an evolutionist and a creationist.

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"I am the person who believes in God’s truths."

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Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States
Religion: Catholic

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