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RSS Starbaby1996

Reward Points:65
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10 most recent arguments.

well he does not decide if he stays or goes it is all up to the head guy in charge for the team and then after that he decides

2 points

well lakers won i am so proud even though i don't like Kobe

yes because why would somebody do the things that he did during his serve in office it is sick

i don't know because sometimes soccer is the main sport in the country but this is just my opinion

i was letting it be for free response so i don't need to "re-phrase" thank you very much

well he answers mine but it all depends on how you are but that is how i am and i belive in god

god is real because every time i call on him he answers my prayers

2 points

famliy guy is the best thing in the world i love stuie he is the best

a taste is the same they actually did a test on it and it dose taste the same

yes they can because if sombody was making a joke about my dad i would get very mad. and that is because he has past away and i would be ready to fight

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Tied Positions: Pipe Dreams vs. Denial
Tied Positions: unconstitutional vs. feel good about it
Winning Position: Hip Hop
Winning Position: Awsome
Winning Position: Cat
Winning Position: Yes

About Me

Biographical Information
Gender: Girl
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Democrat
Country: United States
Religion: Other
Education: High School

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