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RSS Steveman

Reward Points:43
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steveman(43) Clarified
2 points

But we don't trust youth who do that because no youth do! At 16 you barely even touch on the things you said- at 18 you do; hence the voting age

1 point

But really when you are older you at least have a broader sense of the country you live in- does an 8 year old know about issues in their country?

0 points

Are you saying the generation that changed the world didn't look at our world our ancestors shaped it and they fought to give us a country where we at least can vote. Not to be snippy but I just don't understand your point of view

steveman(43) Clarified
1 point

I'm just trying to figure out what age you are thinking, because certain ages, and personally most below 18 would be out of the question. I mean lowering the voting age to 17 -okay but one year doesn't make a big difference.

1 point

that is a good point, because I saw the results from our student vote and a lot of kids voted communist (in Ontario) and other random parties just for the heck of it. At 18 people are past the party and bad ass way of life and are looking to the future (for the most part) I'm 14 and am pretty much on the same page. Canada is one of the most free countries in the world and yet some people still complain! We should be thankful-USA and Canada

1 point

What you're saying is not something we can just snap our fingers and do! The govt. can't just do that. Besides 18 is an appropriate age- students can drive alone, own there own home and be in university so I think the currently voting age is appropriate- there also is student vote, which is the experience for youth

1 point

Clarifying: Like I said below influential doesn't mean being the only agnostic or other things like that. I mean people that influenced the world the most, like Churchill or Stalin. People who, since 1900's have done something during their rule that is remembered and notable.

steveman(43) Clarified
1 point

By influence I mean impact on the country people and the world like Mandela impacted South Africa

2 points

Not to show off my faith but in the sense of being proud of being Catholic I'll say; when I pray to God it helps. He has guided me, and has answered my prayers. Quite frankly, why debate about prayers, because while they do work for the faithful, the people who don't believe can't really connect, so obviously they have no actual opinion to place here. sadly they have no one to guide them; they've never prayed. I pray for them, and other good Catholics, Christian and other people should too; they need it

1 point

It doesn't matter to me, were all people. But just wondering why you're pic is of a person of black skin?

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Gender: Guy
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: Canada
Religion: Catholic
Education: High School

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