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RSS Stmac10

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1 point

You can feel him inside you? Does it hurt? I hope he lubed up...

2 points

See the long white bar at the top of your screen, 'click' your 'arrow' on that and type:

Now press enter.

Okay heres the fun part, type: burden of proof

Press enter again

Have a bit of a read

Have fun.

1 point

Haha, I like you man...but you're crazy!

If you could read you'd understand that the person I was replying to listed their 'kitchen cabinet' website as 'evidence' (which incidentally is as fit for purpose as any other evidence you bible bashers have)

the bibole tells you how to escape eternal hell, torture, death?

We're not going to escape anything. When we die, we go stiff, start to decay then we'll be buried or burned. You might not like the sound of it but that's it. Plain and simple. No eternal hell, no torture. You will not 'escape death'. No heaven, no 72 virgins, nothing.

Sorry, but if you can accept that as the most likely truth you'll enjoy your 70-90 years alive much much more.

2 points

What are you talking about?

Kitchen cabinats weren't inventrd, dumbo

read that back...what is the relevance of that statement?

The person I'd originally replied to goes around making tiny inutile contributions to debates and posts a link to their kitchen website as 'evidence'. That's what I was referring to.

luv the christadelphian bitch

wow, I'm really intimidated by a jebus loving gimp.

1 point

I believe you just made up that I believe in 'God day.'

Wouldn't it be ridiculous to just make up something someone believes in...plucked from thin air!!...some might even say the whole concept is 'stupid'!! bet AuntieChrist feels like a fool for assuming your beliefs would be founded on nothing!

2 points

It's a hollow gesture really. A bit like getting someone a drink at a free bar.

1 point

Haha, this is a hilariously bad riposte! It seems Aveskde, AuntieChrist and RiceDaragh have pretty much summed up everything I would have wanted to say so I'll leave it in their capable hands.

you are the sick-minded, selfish, uncaring, ungracious, un-everything god on this planet, person I have ever known or heard of.

I don't see how I'm sick minded, selfish, uncaring and ungracious, simply because I refuse to subscribe to your delusions. You don't know me at all.

you are the only person so far I can actually hate with a passion

Cool. How 'christian' of you. How caring and 'forgiving'. Love thy neighbour and all that crap? What have I done to hurt you, your family, your friends...or anybody? I couldn't give a shit if you hate me or not, why not waste some time by praying for my demise...I won't lose any sleep about what your imaginary friend will do to me.

It pleases me that my contempt for your absurd beliefs angers you so much. It makes me think that deep down you know I'm right but you don't want to upset mommy and daddy by confronting them for indoctrinating you. Grow a brain or some balls, douchebag.

1 point

First of all that is a quote from Richard Dawkins

I wasn't trying to pass that off as my own by the way!! I would have expected someone to have read it before!

1 point

please ban me too Enlightened...

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