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RSS Stormyboi

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1 point

Yes. I do support stricter gun laws. The only reason to have a gun is to kill. If your argument is that you need a gun to defend, than your wrong. You could defend yourself with other means. A gun is a weapon used to conquer and control. The military is the only group of people that should be permitted to use these weapons. The police don't NEED guns either. If their not fighting guns, then why need one? A taser is more suitable for subduing an opposing force. For hunting there are alternatives as well. Hunting games.

1 point

He is a horrible person responsible for the death of many. He doesn't deserve a life.

1 point

Another thing is, if you live in America and your a Christian, you have all the religious liberty you can dream of.

1 point

You aren't wrong, but you should look at bigger issues. Would you rather have your needs as a Christian satisfied, or the needs of the world? I'm a Christian myself, and I applaud the fact that Trump want's to help our people. It's just not as important as helping the planet.

2 points

No, there are certain things which are unacceptable for many religions, and in this case, Christianity. For example, the 5th commandment states you should not kill. There are case where it may be forgiven (accidents, defense, etc.), but pre-meditated murder shouldn't be forgiven. Also there are boundaries. You shouldn't think of prayer like a cheat code to get out of impending doom.

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