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RSS Stratos

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1 point

It's pretty obvious he's a troll, I joined this community last 3 months if I can remember. I argued with him, back then his profile picture was quite different.

1 point

Well as you know It is completely possible, given the expanding universe that we have. But it's quite impossible to have a living organism that easily, out of 10 to the power of 30 every chance that you'll get to form life using the basic building blocks of life. Given the futility of the majority of our universe I would say that It is highly Unlikely that there are other Civilizations out there at the universe.

1 point

Get used to it, he's been noturious for being an "Internet Troll", all those ad-hominem attacks. Totally pointless arguing with an idiot.

2 points

Arteaga, bacon is the best. And no we aren't torturing animals as you've suggested, and if you don't like to eat animals/meat then be my guest. It's still your choice on what to eat, i would say that it is rather impossible for "vegans" passing this law successfully, such nonsense. Their are "Humane" ways of preparing meat contrary to belief.

stratos(85) Clarified
1 point

Well, I'm 14 years old. And thank you for your advise....

~La Vie est dure

2 points

The reason why I'm opposing this view it's because it violates our freedom as a human. Common sense, it's very important.....

stratos(85) Clarified
1 point

Well, what seems to be the mistake in that sentence? I find nothing superficial enough to be corrected...

1 point

alot of errors, and one would be from my statement, is the term Named, supposedly i should use called.

stratos(85) Clarified
1 point

I must admit my mistake, next time i'll check the situation, this may seem irrelevant but I'm stressed as fuck.

1 point

Yes, the thing about giving credits is entirely correct.

I can concede to that Idea, and if that's the case I would hold cuaroc as innocent.

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Tied Positions: No, hes a anti-semite,racist vs. Yes, He is clever, bravo!!
Winning Position: Philippines: Biased Justice System In the Court

About Me

"I'm proud to say I'm 14 years old (no kidding), I'm aspiring for Law school"

Biographical Information
Name: Jan Eli Nicoli Jardin
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Democrat
Country: Philippines
Education: High School

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