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10 most recent arguments.

I went to the Creation Museum, it was very professionally made and truly amazing.

Ken Ham the Bible man.....................KEN-KEN-KEN-KEN- KEN-KEN-KEN

I hate injustice, I don't think that is a waste of time.........................................

How can Christianity be evil when you can't define evil without Christianity? What is evil?

Do you know what a mutation is? Do you know what a gene is? A gene is a coded message telling a cell how to make proteins, a mutation is when the RNA copying the DNA makes a mistake. Now do you want to dispute the facts? See how unreasonable you are? Common sense tells us that over time the DNA would become so currupted that the organism would eventually die (hence your car's death)

(not sure how to use boldface, so...)

"He has no evidence that Jews have to be eradicated. All he cared about was his own genocidal preferences"

When did evidence enter the discussion? This isn't a science debate, it's a moral debate. Hitler would probably disagree with you by the way, so who is right? You or Hitler? I can see you have absolutely no good justification for killing children, so you are in the same boat.

"Welfare belongs to our privilages as a citizen of the country."

I'm just going to stop this part of the convo because it's totally irrelevant to the discussion. (By the way, welfare is a farely new thing, people have survived without it for a loooooooooooooooong time)

"A fetus is a Human but a Human isn't a fetus. Thats the difference between their definitions"

That makes absolutely no sense. I could just as easily say "you are a human but a human isn't you". If it's a human, it automatically deserves LIFE!

"The truth was never good to look at. It is better to choose the disgusting solutions than to ignore the problem"

Maybe the problem is better then the solution, because it seems to me your just making things worse by killing the future's engineers, scientists, doctors, and so on.

"So whats your point?"

My point is you can't just pick on the weak, defenceless babies in the womb when trying to solve a problem. If your going to kill unloved people, you have to take it to the logical conclusion and kill all of them or none of them. Not just the ones that can't speak for themselves. This is what makes abortion so horrible; it bullies the most vulnerable people on earth.

"Because we lack the funds to take care of every single unwanted child. And to make it worse, we do not even know what to do to them after they grew up"

They will go into society just like the rest of us, besides all of this still falls short of justifying the murder of innocent children.

"Call me anyway you want. The facts will remain strong- we are not ready to abolish it."

No, the facts are that murder is a crime, killing unborn babies is murder, no matter what your 'facts' are, killing innocent people is NEVER justified.

"But the mother has the right to decide what she wants with her body"

It's not her body, she has no right to the life of an innocent just because she doesn't want to look after it. It's someone elses body and she has blood on her hands for squashing that life out of existence.

" No single criminal has ever committed a crime without any reason. Every single one of them has a story to tell, ranging from simple acts of anger into minds broken by a past of constant abuse "

I would disagree but even if this is the case, its irrelevant. You are responsible for your actions. If you kill another human being intentionally, you have forfeited your own life. Following your logic, Hitler can't be blamed for what he did because he had a reason to kill those Jews. The killer is not the victim, the killed is. If you steal something, you can give money back, but you can't give a life back so it is just to have yours taken to.

"And by the way, have you ever heard that ever since Abortion was legalized, crime rate has decreased by about 40% in just 17 years. All because the birthrate of unwanted children has been decreased"

Again irrelevant and untrue, there have been 50 million more homicides in the US since 1973, it's called abortion.

'the 100% figure is absolutely incorrect. Not all mutations result in a loss of genetic material.'

I guarantee, if you have a machine copying a book and it makes 100 copying mistakes, 100 of them are going to be a lose of literary material.

die car, you have waaaay to many mutations to be of use to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, for the same reason you consider a 3 year old bundle of cells a child, why does age make a difference?

Again, it depends on your definition of 'gods'. When a Christian says "there is only one God" we mean only one all powerful deity. However, the word אֵל in hebrew doesn't always mean a deity, but something or someone held up in esteem or of a high rank. So different types of gods? Yes and no. Yes, there are other people or things in the Bible labeled אֵל. No, there are no other deities, the Bible makes it very clear.

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Winning Position: Lets beard on!
Winning Position: Yes
Winning Position: I would
Winning Position: How do you justify existence?

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