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RSS Sweetpotato

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1 point

Another thought: My brother is 7 and he pays Mario. His friends, who are also all 7 like Mario. Hi, I am 15, I know very very few people who like Mario in my age range.

MAYBE, there are not enough Mario supporters here because they're all still in their nappies at nursery.

Not.... Suggesting anything but heeeeey ;D

1 point

I believe I can deliver a balanced argument, having played both the originals of Sonic and Mario and having a brother into Mario games, and I myself preferring Sonic games.

Here is my argument :D LET'S SEE YOU ARGUE BACK. I do love a good debate.

(I'm generalising a bit, please note. I have a life outside of Marioing and Sonicing, so I haven't played all of their games.)

Note 2 - don't take this too seriously. They are video game characters, if you are going to go into a rage because I backhanded dear old Mario, you need to go outside and do something character building or remotely interesting with your life (sorry)

Pro Mario1. One, I have never been one for Sonic games. I prefer the Mario layout, to explore and figure out the surroundings, and try to get things and ride Yoshi, oh the funs :') Mario Galaxy II, that was some awesome game. When my brother brought it, I was like 8D DERE IS A STARR. I want to be de starr.

Unfortunately, in my opinion, that and the first Galaxy, is the ONLY good thing I can say about Mario.

Pro Sonic1. By far, I prefer the Sonic characters. They are very fleshed out, and I believe Eggman to be a far better baddie than bowser. I mean, tbh, you only see that oversized, studded turtle once a game, on one level and he gets defeated pretty easily. Mildly disappointed.

2. Sonic characters are pretty neat. Silver, although originated from the eyebrow raiser that was 2006, is still darn cool, what with that telekinesis and sweepy white quills (yay). Mario is a plumber who is Italian. Who was trippy when they came up with that idea? I understand Sonic is a blue hedgehog, but think about it this way. You are told, not knowing Sonic or Mario, do you want to play a game about a lightning speed blue hedgehog or a overweight Italian plumber? You would say, punk, what are you on? But you get the idea.

3. Sonic is always out to save the world. He is always fighting to save so many people. There is no, I, me, myself in here. Sonic is a hero, are you be dammed to think otherwise.

Mario goes around rescuing his lady friend who is ALWAYS IN TROUBLE. I mean, while this is romantic, in a creepy way, firstly, old Mario needs to find a new, more self defensive girl, and secondly, with the exception of the two new galaxies, he needs to do something with impact.

Oh this argument is a TL;DR, and I need to go to school.

I will leave you this thought as you argue back and I get my arguments sorted out.

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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