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3 points

If anyone doesn't think the bible is true here is something you can ponder...

1) in the bible when there was the great flood, there was the ark and Noah;s family, and the animals, and you should know the story, well Christians who try to prove the ark was real studies how long the rain was where it would of floated and found that the ark would be somewhere in the mountains in Turkey, but the Turkish government will not let them try to find it because they think that they would prove the bible to be right.

2) Watch a movie called the Star of Bethlehem. it is a very good movie, it proved on a non christian program for watching stars that the wise men came and a planet made a crown in the sky near when Jesus was born and The planet actually stopped It is crazy accurate! Please watch it it is very cool!

1 point

It isn't equal if it would be just men. Woman can be just as powerful maybe even more powerful.

1 point

Well first of all Obama would be killed by all the kids that would be mad at him and it shouldn't because we need breaks from school kids would go crazy if it was extended into summer!

1 point

Facebook hands down!!! It is a whole lot cleaner than MySpace!!!!

2 points

Yes Girls use it to cover up scars acne blemishes etc. It also makes them look prettier!!!!

2 points

All the girls that use this website are pretty!!! So No way!!!!!! And you don't have to assume that they are ugly if the use a debate site!

2 points

How would Man create God? He is all powerful and mighty. God created man, Genesis 1:27

2 points

NO!!! well number 1 is that it is an invasion of privacy and if you want a religious reason why you shouldn't...

Supporting Evidence: Mark of the beast (
1 point

Judges want to understand what you are talking about. Being right is also good too. Understanding is the most important part of being a debater.

1 point

Mini Coopers are a whole lot safer! Plus smart cars are tiny (well so is the mini cooper) but the smart car is so small!!!!!!!

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