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RSS SwtspiceN3Gi

Reward Points:33
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10 most recent arguments.

This whole "god hates fags" crap is stupid. People who don't even believe in Christianity have supported the motion just because of their stereotype against homosexuality.

School uniform should be banned, if not, they should be made compulsory for teachers as well (this is the least they can do).

2 points

Hell yeah... wish my school principal saw this debate! He'd have been really annoyed to see so many people supporting the argument.

She's weird and don't like her music either. I think pop sucks(just personal opinion).

I always get low grades in maths!!! but that's my problem not the fault of subject...

In a fight, ninjas would kick the pirates asses. but it's so much fun to be a pirate...

Idk they both are good but The Lord of the rings is better than both lolz.

3 points

If you love smbody, set them free, if they return they were always yours, if they don't they never were!!! Edward set bella free bt Jacob didn't and that why Bella is with Edward and not with Jacob!!!

No, there are many religions out there and I think Religion should only be taught to people that believe in it.

2 points

Depression is a leading cause of suicide not insanity.Sometimes people find themselves in such a desperate situation that life doesn't seem worth living and is too painful...

About Me

"Born sweet...sour by choice!!!"

Biographical Information
Name: z3NdagI...rOx 
Gender: Girl
Age: 25
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Democrat
Country: India
Education: High School

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