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RSS Taokage100

Reward Points:11
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2 points

guns don't kill people. people kill people. its not everyone's right to have a gun but that doesn't mean they should be banned. we just need a true sense of self control and some more protection against guns by simply giving out bullet proof vest as some sort of promotion or public service.

2 points

robots take american jobs each day. if we relay on robots to do are work for us than we may be evolving towards a lazy, polluted, layed of future.

4 points

the avengers have 5 people and the x-men have a whole school of mutants. its an army vs a team what do you think

1 point

manners hold back society in cases that give in to negative impulses and urges. its better to be a sloppy winner than a clean loser.

1 point

cell phones are a valuable tool for a sufficient social network and should be aloud access to all public places including restaurants. that and for emergencies.

1 point

yu gi oh is simpler and there are more cards. you never know what you opponents play. i think that Pokemon is more popular because the show despects it not being an actual card game.

1 point

if white people cant say nigger than why should black people. its obviously unfair. if black people don't want to be called nigger than they should at least set a good example. if you see the episode of the boondocks. return of the king. i think black people my find some equal circumstances to how they act or feel.

1 point

wolves. because there more natural breed and better evolved.

1 point

fire is stimulating for unknown reasons. without burning you cant use cars hot,air balloons and camp fires. fire actually was created sense the beginning of time threw the stars and galaxies. and contributed more threw existence.

1 point

ps3 is cooler. i get Netflix,unlimited music and i can charge the controller from the ps3 instead of batteries like the Xbox. i heard in time magazine that Xbox's overheat faster than ps3's.

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