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3 points

Marriage is a civil union; it has not coupled to religion.

1 point

"Seniors will be able to buy prescription drugs at cheaper prices from industrialized countries such as Canada."

Ironically, Canadian drugs are cheaper because of its Socialist health care system.

4 points

I think that it, the previous poster, was just entertaining everyone with some lighthearted satire but I digress. I don't believe in gods so my criticism might not be appropriate here.

2 points

The fact of the matter is that there is more scientific evidence for the big bang and evolution than there is for creationism. Unfortunately religion only has had philosophical arguments so far and everyone knows that: evidence > argument.

3 points

No, gods (ie: deus ex machina theories) should be not taught in science class. It derails the concept of empirical research.

3 points


"It doesn't make sense to say that if you look at a car, that somehow everything crashed together and made a car that RUNS."

It is ironic that you say this. We are saying the same thing.

It doesn't make sense to say that if you look at a creator, that somehow everything crashed together and made a creator that CREATES.

1 point

Speaking of prisons... What do you think happen to those women who are found guilty of commissioning an illegal abortion? If you define abortion as murder then logically these women would be sentenced with murder, embryonocide as it were.

NOTE Sorry, I noticed that I setup a straw man. Just correct me if that isn't your position.ENDNOTE

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