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RSS Thawizard

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Whether or not if we were to stick with the Articles of Confederation or move on to the Constitution, the system of government will probably never be able to satisfy every single individual it is over. However, with the Constitution we are provided a military, which is one of our main defense mechanisms, the ability to trade with other states without having to go through the struggles of exchanging currencies to make the trades successful. Without the government, or anyone for that matter, acting as an authoritative figure, the states will be thrust into constant chaos and endless disagreements are practically ensured. The Constitution provides the Supreme Court which gives us that figure to settle any misconducts.

3 points

The Constitution is not only a tactic for the federal government to give themselves more power and money. It is a way of balancing the powers for everyone. The Constitution gave the national government the power to collect taxes which helps funds the military, which is one our main defense mechanisms. It also made it so that the states would not have to continuously go through any of the hardships of having to exchange currencies in order to perform a proper trade. The Constitution gave us the Supreme Court which helps settle any disagreements the states go through, whether they are local or not. What if one day the local issues become national issues? The Supreme Court provides us an adequate system of representing our needs and interests of the bulk of the population and we have the Constitution to thank for that. The Constitution still allows us to have a say in what happens to us, it just allows for us to be heard in a different way.

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