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RSS Thehappy12

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1 point

Some of the top Medical Doctors in the word are Christian. Ben Carson is an example.

1 point

I agree that it sould be taught but there is still a lot of debate and changing evidence all the time in regards to evolution. As I said before DNA is still a big jump evolution has yet to explain and I dare say DNA is important.

1 point

I see someone has been listening to Ben Shipiro! Ayyyyyyyy :D

1 point

Honestly, have you read about the child sacrifices and rituals of the different pagen religions? None of the old religions like Molak or Ishtar have contributed in anyway to humanites good. I struggle to think of a pagan religion that contributed in any positive way. When I say pagen I am thinking of the Vikings, Gauls, Hittites, Assyrians ect not any modern day peoples.

1 point

What you are saying sounds like this, "If you dissagree with me I than you don't deserve to exist." Sounds like intolorence to me right there. That is dangrous to our Republic.

1 point

There are no equal rights to services. Getting a tatto is not a right it is a service. Asking someone to do somthing for you is not a right it is a service. This I feel applies to individual run businesses. Have you heard of a Christian car dealership owner telling a gay person they can not buy a car? It is different when it comes to a personal skill that that person claims to repersent them. A cake represents the baker. A Ford does not repersent the dealer who sold it on the road.

1 point

Well hmm it is a country of religious freedom so they are free to belive what they want right?

1 point

What did he say that was vulger? I didn't see any f words or racist names called.

1 point

Jews were considerd to be Germans by the Nazis. The Jews in germany were wealthy and in high positions in the German government at the time. They were fully intergrated Germans in Germany which is why the Nazi's had to use birth records to identify Jews. They were not a group of people living in a Jewish town in berlin. They had influnce, Hitler even served under a Jewish officer in WWI. They were killing their own people. Also, the Nazi's didn't have capitalism so that analogy is not correct. Also, being angery at the rules of Capitalism is funny because socialism would just replace the rules with their own. Everyone gets something even if you make $5 you have to give 4 to someone else who did nothing.

1 point

It is a circular argument. Should Gays be forced to tolerate Christian's? If not than why should Christian's be force to tolerate Gays? A Christian and a Gay person can operate their private businesses as they see fit. No one has a right to another person's services. One can not hold a gun to a doctors head and say treat me for free. That is not service that is slavery.

When it comes to working with each other in the work place, yes businesses should not discriminate against others. The job opportunities should be the same. But when it comes to providing services like cakes and such. The business owner has full control over how he wants to use his skills. I do not have a right to his skills. Not every cake shop in the US is run by Christians I can say that for sure. The medical field and the rescue field is different lol. Imagine if firefighters only served straight people or doctors only gays.

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