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1 point

Murder is not wrong...nor is it right. Let me explain.

You make a good point that murder creates pain, but you should understand that the murderER is also in pain, whether it's mental illness, rage, jealousy, or a chain of unfortunate events.

Murderers don't wake up one day and say, "I'm going to murder this person today." They go through unfortunate events in life that may lead to murder a person or persons.

For example, envision a child born into a city full of poverty and gangs. As he grows up, he will be exposed to violence, guns, and drugs. One thing will lead to another and he may join a gang just to survive in the streets, and one day he may murder someone whether for money, drugs, or power. Now this child was not born a murderer, nor did he wake up and say "I'm going to murder someone today."

Yes, he is the one that pulled the trigger, but can you really blame this kid? The media and the masses point the finger at the person who pulls the trigger, but we all tend to forget what made this person pull the trigger.

Murder creates pain, but it isn't necessarily wrong nor right. Murder is just the next chain of the cycle of pain. This cycle will keep going as long as there is greed, envy, hate, laziness, and the whole bunch of other attributes of humanity.

0 points

What you say makes sense. "True atheists" (if there can be a "true" anything) believe in nothing other than numbers, statistics, and variables. I feel that this is because they want things to be explainable, predictable, and safe so they can prolong their survival; interestingly, this is also the case for religious people where they want things to be explainable, predictable, and safe for what? Yep, survival. So then the difference between atheists and theists is belief in numbers versus the belief in God(s), but in the end they all fight for the same things.

So the term "2 sides of the same coin" fits right in. Atheism and theism are not opponents. They are rather 2 different ideals striving for the same goals: survival and explanations for the unexplainable.

For this debate, I feel that all actions are arbitrary, but the intentions are pure. Many people commit actions whether it's sex, murder, drinking etc. It's not the action that is important, but the intention behind the action.

For example, there are many intentions for sex: Procreation, rape, sex addiction, boredom, love.

There are many intentions for murders: with a cause, without a cause, revenge, capital punishment, accidental, suicidal.

There are many intentions for drinking: just to get drunk, forget problems, celebration, wine-tasting.

So for the question is there really right and wrong? Nature doesn't know right from wrong. Right and wrong are just words that humans created to ensure our survival so we don't end up killing each other for resources and power, oh wait, that's been happening ever since history started recording things.

It's all very confusing for me. Like everyone else, I don't know for sure, but from my perceptions and experiences, actions should not be labeled as 'wrong or right.'

Ah. I know i'll be flagged for this weird entry, but oh well. I'm as confused as anyone else would be...hopefully?

3 points

I dont agree with Information as being 'smarter,' but I do agree with people's obsession with instant gratification. There's always a price to pay for a quick fix. A quick fix is just an illusion, a temporary band-aid until the next band-aid, and the next. Of course, not ALL people are infected by this illusion.

It's completely ironic how our society chases after convenience and time-saving tools and ideals, but more and more, we feel like we have less and less time.

1 point

What glass?

3 points

I don't think religion is the problem. Religion by itself is a good way to live, but religion, for many people, has become just a tool used to destroy or control others' lives.

The problem is the people who use religion for power.

Take a car, for example. By itself, it's a beautiful and intricate machine that can transport us more quickly than by foot or horses. Put this car into the hands of speed demons and drunk drivers, this car turns into a vehicle of death. Can you really blame the car?

So it's easy to point the finger and blame things for the way things are, but remember all things are arbitrary until we humans decide to use and abuse things for personal gain.

2 points

Why hide the truth about life? Instead, teach them safe ways they can engage in this fun activity. You gotta give kids the right to make choices on their own. Teach them all about sex, abstinence, and safe sex, and then let them choose. Or else it's brainwashing.

1 point

I think quantum physicists and metaphysics will say its neither half full nor half empty. They will say everything is pretty much empty space, and that we only perceive things to be solid. There are so many more things we can't see compared to what we can see, but I guess people can argue that if we can't see them, should we even question it? That's probably where science and faith come in to explain the unknown. Gravity cannot be seen, but it's effects can be seen.

2 points

I agree that people point the finger at discrimination and other scapegoats quite often. It just makes people feel better to transfer the responsibility to other people or concepts. It might make them feel better for the time being, but they still continue to remain in the same miserable situation.

I also agree that the government should (and they are) help those who cannot make decisions on their own. I also think people who are unfortunately born into poverty, drug and gang-infested communities should be helped a little more by the government. I know they are capable of making their own decisions, but unfortunately many of their choices are limited to what is in front of them and what surrounds them. That's where social workers and non-profit agencies come in, to show them what is possible and what they are capable of.

So instead of reparations, the government should invest more into poverty stricken areas so the youth from these areas can grow into adults who can contribute something positive to the society. Everyone will be happy. Economy may grow because poor people will have more money to spend, crime rates may drop, and these people may hopefully live happy, drug free, and nonviolent lives. Of course this is not only for poor African Americans. It's for Whites, Latinos, Asians, Russians, and all other people who are born into poverty and bad environments.

2 points

I feel like the prison and criminal system just puts away people who break the law instead of getting to the root of the problem. Once prisoners are released, many of them commit the same or worse crime. Imprisonment is the easy way out, just a band-aid to the real problems of society. I don't know what would be easier or cheaper, improving communities and promoting better mental health, or making more prisons to accommodate the people who are unable to make good decisions. Of course everyone should take responsibilities for their actions, but I feel that imprisonment rarely makes any kind of positive change for prisoners. There has to be better ways of helping out criminal-prone communities instead of locking them away because the problem will still remain.

3 points

I think we were ALWAYS here and ALWAYS will be here. If we are in fact made of atoms and energy, you cannot create or destroy energy. Energy can only be transferred. The atoms and energy just took millions of years to manifest in to what we call "our consciousness." We were here before we were born. We were in our parents, our grandparents, our ancestors, history, war, monkeys, and dinosaurs. The summation of the past equals the present, so I can only believe that the summation of our present will equal our future. Therefore, we will never cease to exist, only transfered.

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