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RSS Thorne

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

I like all kinds of music. I guess I have to say that I like late 80s to early90s the best. Celtic coming in second.

1 point

What is the big deal? The only reasons I have heard are all religious ones. It is the government keeping it from happening(with religious influences).

1 point


1 point

Hands down it is LAURELL K. HAMILTON.

1 point

Just wanted to say if people would stop arguing with Joecavalry he would not have anything to respond to. And then some of the 'abusing of the site and points system' (as some call it) would be limited. The more people argue the more opportunity he has to reply. Personally what harm is he doing? None that I have read so far. I know I am new to this site,but that is my objective third party opinion.

1 point

Frankly I like Melissa better. I understand her music better than Tori. I like Tori too.

1 point

Nothing wrong with lesbian love from my point of view.

1 point

Yes,it is a nature based religion that has been around 4ever. It is gaining popularity and acceptance in some places. It is not the scarey,an untalked about religion it used to be. I am wiccan.

1 point

I have worked in nursing homes for 16 years and have seen alot of people dies long painful deaths. If I were unable to end my own pain I would hope someone would do so for me. If I have no quality of life then please end it for me. Granted some people will take that to the extreme and end it too soon. That is wrong. I am talking about on my death bed with no hope for recovery. But that is a personal choice. And I have also seen people come back from what doctors thought was death.

0 points

Spanking children is needed at times. Parents not being able to disipline their children is why they go to school and shoot people. I was spanked as a child and turned out pretty good. People holler abuse way to soon. A proper spanking should be allowed. Please,TIME OUT is pointless. We have to let them know that certain behavior is not allowed. And reward them for good behavior. They will appreciate it more in the long run. But there has to be rewards as well as punishments.

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Winning Position: LAURELL K. HAMILTON
Winning Position: hiphop
Winning Position: Melissa Etheridge

About Me

Biographical Information
Gender: Female
Age: 45
Marital Status: Married
Political Party: Democrat
Country: United States
Religion: Wiccan
Education: High School

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