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RSS Tingtang2010

Reward Points:63
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12 points

ninjas because the pirates wouldn't even see them coming its that simple.

0 points

I thought in the English language you weren't suppose to start a sentience with like. What a hypocrite.

0 points

that's a ridicules thing to try to demand the hole word to speak in full sentences because who could enforce something so bid all they could say is hay pleas speak right. but it would be nice if people would including me but im to laysy to put a period here and their like the rest of this country

no they shouldn't because then it becomes a test of who can adored the best steroids. not there actual skill. also i bet the women of today would rather the men of today to have bigger dicks not smaller due to steroids

0 points

why would they use the free stuff when they have the money and the power to say hay give me your software and ill make you well known so they can have the best i don't think they would chose the worst

0 points

i chose Christmas because everyone gets presents including me so it basically is my birthday and yours and his any your moms and my freinds and the kid down the street and everyone that celebrates it.

0 points

no i like what you have to say and i don't test my blood pressure so i don't know for Sher but i would guess no

um everyone who is here that gives actual good comments to make the debates more interesting, and the people who make good debates.

2 points

grow up its a game and even if you beat Gary it wont change your sad excuse of a life

holly shit your stupid Pokemon are fake they are a made up caretaker for little kids

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Winning Position: men
Winning Position: Master Chief
Winning Position: yes

About Me

"i am on my highschool debate team and i thought this would be a fun and interisting way to show my opinoions withought being told not to swear"

Biographical Information
Name: scott tingey
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Marital Status: In a Relationship
Political Party: Other
Country: United States
Education: Some College

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