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RSS Tmackenzie44

Reward Points:13
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10 most recent arguments.

You call me names, I call you names. Its only fair. Been a pleasure arguing with you. Have a good one.

Think what you want about abortions, doesn't change my stance on it. I support it, regardless of whether or not my political party does/doesn't. Call me all the names you want. Shows your level of maturity. If I was an extremist, I'd be blowing up federal buildings in Oklahoma City, like your little white supremacist buddy, Timothy McVeigh. I bet you love him don't you? You strike me as a bigot, you a white supremacist?

2 points

None of that made a shred of sense, more proof that you're an idiot. I have no issues with abortions at all, you're 100% correct there, and since abortions can only take place up until a certain stage you can stop with the supporting abortions at any stage nonsense. There is a legal cut off point for how long you can wait to get an abortion idiot. Too bad your mother didn't buy into abortions, would have saved me a lot of time. As for Democrats all being clones of each other, I can say the same for Republicans. You're all sheep sucking Trump's dick, but I shouldn't imply you're a homosexual, it'll either turn you on or make you angry. And I'm very much enjoying my "shallow" life. And I'm sorry that you can't take a hint, I made my last points and politely wished you well, but you just like to argue it seems. Enjoy your worthless life, not one person on this Earth could love someone like you and I hope you are very, very lonely. With the attitude you have, its a viable scenario. Farewell Grandpa!

I'd rather support abortion than the GOP who support the rapists that make abortion necessary. Also, I don't participate in sit ins for mass murderers, that seems to be an NRA thing, you know, the gun nuts who significantly fund your political party? How very classy of the NRA to hold rallies in places right after those places suffered mass shootings (Columbine). Also I love how much I'm winning the argument that you had to grasp at straws and bring up something totally unrelated to our argument...abortion, that is. Why don't we talk about gingerbread houses or shopping for shower curtains next? You seem to like random shit. And I knew you wouldn't like my comment about you eventually becoming a Democrat, so what makes it okay for you to comment that I'll eventually become a Republican? Double standard if I've ever seen it. Have an amazing life, don't bother responding, or do, its up to you. This is a free country after all, though you don't seem to understand that in the slightest. Some recommended reading: The Constitution. Anyway, you hate me, I hate you. I'm done wasting my time, and I hope you're done wasting both your time as well as mine. Have an amazing night, and an amazing life at that. And I truly mean that, its been a pleasure debating with you. ✌️

I never said ALL kids get assistance, I know your Alzheimers probably make it hard to pay attention, but put in a little effort old man. And it doesn't matter what you have to do to attend college, we all do what we have to, to go to college, so we can get degrees, and get good jobs, and fix all the shit that your generation fucked up. Also, I don't recall asking about your children or how they went to college, surprised they even went actually. And one of the things taxpayers pay for is EDUCATION dumbass. A portion of tax dollars IS SUPPOSED to go towards students and education and such. You obviously have zero idea what you're talking about. Also our nation is in debt because the government continuously fucks up. That isn't the fault of students, its the fault of your precious government. Anyway, I head back for a new semester tomorrow so I'm gonna get some sleep, so I can go back and earn my degree, and get a job that will allow me to buy and sell your worthless ass. Goodnight sir, don't get too pissy over there, your old, fragile heart might give out.

You just judged everyone who lives off the government. Some people just need the help. Some people do just take off the government and don't actively look for work or for a way out, that much is true. But a majority of people living off the government ARE actively looking for work and to get back on their feet, in ways that aren't corrupt, like your little Republican buddies. Your comments are called judging, I'll admit that I was judging you too. I treat others the way they treat me. And you can keep telling me I'll become a Republican some day all you want; but, I will never agree with the politics and policies of the GOP so save your breath. And I'm proud to be a Democrat so I'm not gonna change. Who knows, maybe some day you'll become a Democrat. Or you could just be content with your political party and let others be content with theirs. And you could also not judge others, because thats just inviting them to judge you bud. Anyway, like I said earlier, but you obviously must not have seen it, have a good one.

0 points

Nothing wrong with getting help from the got a problem with the whole generation of kids going to college right now? We all get some form of government assistance fucking idiot. You are truly the dumbest human on this Earth, besides Donald Trump of course. And I do provide my own health insurance as a matter of fact, but you seem to enjoy jumping to conclusions. Thats kind of your thing. And I'm 20, last time I checked you're legally an adult at 18. So I guess, I'm an adult and you're just a moron. No shame, though. Its not necessarily your fault, maybe it was how you were raised. Unlike you, I'm gonna try not to judge. Have a good one. ✌️

Well its been a couple years, and I'm a young voter, who IS NOT living off someone else. Thought you'd like an update all these years later, I'm living in reality, and believe it or not, because if I remember correctly, your brain and ego could only take so much, I still think the GOP is a piece of trash, especially looking at the President you guys elected. Such a silly man. Hope all has been well for you though besides that lol

Drinking while you are pregnant causes serious harm to the baby. It has been scientifically proven and therefore should be common sense. It is basically a form of child neglect if you ask me.

2 points

I think you meant Republicans are such control fanatics. And have a great life back at you. (By the way, this whole "if you make something of yourself" shit doesn't fly with me, I think you meant to say "when you make something of yourself". I am making something with myself, and I am so glad it's being the opposite of you.)

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About Me

Biographical Information
Name: Taya Mackenzie
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Democrat
Country: United States
Education: High School

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