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RSS Tomdog30

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1 point

i have always wondered if the bible was not just a story written by some random guy and the through hearsay it some how came to be the basis of one of the largest religons in the world???

3 points

all you have to do is look into the past ot ifnd the answer to this question.... if you wannt to see for yourself go to this link

Supporting Evidence: climate change throughout history (
3 points

they should have their hands and genatalia cut off and then be locked in a jail cell for the rest of there lives.

1 point

it was one of the main factors our country was started on and for that reason i think it should be left. it was not made in the intent to offend anyone and so why should people take it to offense. people need to realize that not everything can be exactly how they want it if everything was like that our world would be a shit hole.

1 point

i have nothing agianst balck people but they really do need to drop the racism card it stopped over 100 years ago and has not occurred since. it is people likie Al sharpton and Jesse jackson who are the real reacists in this country.

1 point

i believe every president has lied. the thing that you have to take into account is what presisdents learn after they come into office and how this changes what they have promised to do.

2 points

well it is a deeply rooted tradition that there people have adheared to for centuries. 100 years ago it would not have called sexist becuase it was just the way th8ngs were. how has this changed? well i guess in this new world of equality and freedom anything that differs between male/female is viewed as sexist.

1 point

they should ban it becuase it is a senceless thing that does nothing for you but hurt you

1 point

i believe it's wrong becuas e who are you to be the judge of when someones life ends that is just not for anyone else to judge unless you have been convicted of a crime of course......

1 point

it may be racist but its dam funny. you cant deny that aand it is true that black people like fried chicken and he is the most well known black person alive.

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