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1 point

Not to mention you cannot fight a war against "terrorism". You can't wage war against an idea, hence why ideas are so powerful. It's just an excuse to be on their turf at this point.

1 point

This will never, ever happen. The supreme court would rule any legislation of this nature as unconstitutional as per their previous ruling that women have consent to do what they wish with their own bodies (abortion). This would be a HUGE violation of one's individual liberties.

1 point

China's economy is the closest "runner up" to ours and they are not projected to surpass us for another 20-30 years or so. However, I agree that we do not need to be spending 3-4 times as much as the next guy on defense when there is no major war looming. That money should be put into the economy, education, and science.

2 points

You can't have either in their pure form. Communism (socialism in its purest form) does not work for the obvious reasons and ends in poverty. A laissez-faire economy is just as dangerous as communism though. Human beings are a greedy species and therefore must be governed through a series of checks and balances, like the U.S. government. In terms of the economy, these are regulations. Without regulations, corporations are free to do whatever they see fit in order to maximize profits such as: outsourcing or firing mass employees and putting the responsibilities left on those that they allow so graciously to remain (as we have seen recently with the loosening of regulations). Therefore, the only good economy is a delicate balance between socialism and capitalism, not unlike what existed in the 1950's.

1 point

Apparently you don't think in pragmatic terms. It is not practical at all to think that there is no sex in the military. Even before DADT was repealed it had a presence. It has a presence in every aspect of life, period. DADT was an oppressive policy and was depriving individuals of their liberty, primarily freedom of speech/expression. By saying that DADT should be in effect, you are therefore undermining the constitution, the founding fathers, and what our country has stood for since it's formation. I agree that sexual orientation should not be an issue, but it is completely unrealistic (and unacceptable) to assume that just because it shouldn't be that we have the right to govern whether or not it is.

1 point

Anyone who is educated and can think for themselves is not "Anti-Capitalism". The reason for the recent financial crisis is due to loosening of the regulatory commissions grip on the financial sector. Pure laissez-faire capitalism doesn't work, and neither does pure socialism, or communism. There is a delicate balance that must be maintained and it has been dismantled in the past 30 or so years starting with the Reagan administration. We should be on a system similar to that of the 50's.

2 points

Watch as the Republican contradicts his or her own beliefs. That's SOCIALISM. Where would you get the money for the schools to pay for these uniforms? Here's a clue, it rhymes with shmaxes, which are obviously socialist, or so the Republican party and Fox News like to argue and twist. School uniforms are an awful idea. They deprive individuals of creativity and personal freedom. Every kid from elementary school through high school is searching for his or her identity. Clothing is culture and culture is identity. Depriving one of their identity is what Hitler tried to do. So Aselyaj, hail Hitler?

1 point

"Valid religion" is a paradox in itself. In order for something to be "valid" you must be able to test it's validity. You cannot test the validity of faith in this context because it's meant as "wholehearted belief in something while lacking in any evidence." Personally, I think religion is the worst scourge on this planet and should be totally eradicated in order for humanity to move forward as whole. However, the U.S. is a country founded on the freedom to worship whatever one chooses and that therefore trumps this argument in it's entirety.

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