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RSS Triangleguy2

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Mexico has a minimum wage of about 3.9$ U.S. dollars which is nearly half of the minimum wage in the united states. This opens a cheaper labor force in mexico which allows for peoples jobs in the united states to be lost to a Mexican labor force. millions of people have lost jobs in the united state and yes jobs have been created by NAFTA but not enough to replace the ones lost.

1 point

The point of the nuclear deal is to slow down the amount of time it will require Iran to obtain nuclear weapons which it does by ten year! And with out the deal they would obtain nuclear weapons within a year which then we would have a bigger problem than just terrorist then we would have a problem with nuclear war! About the point that their president is stated on wiping out Israel of the face of the earth is also again invalid. They did have a president that has been stated on saying that but their CURRENT leader is a lot more negotiable than there president that stated that is. Their current leader is stated as saying it will stay against Israel and be its main enemy. But this deal also protects them because he is stated as saying that" with the nuclear agreement or without it, Iran will continue to serve as the main threat to Israel's security". he said with or without the deal so we can now say yes they will continue to be a enemy towards Israel but at least with nuclear weapons they cant wipe them off the face of the earth!

1 point

The Iran nuclear deal is the best deal that could possible be made between the U.S. and Iran. Before the deal Iran was a year away from obtaining nuclear weapons and they had enough uranium for ten nuclear weapons. After the deal was made they don't even have enough uranium to make one nuclear weapon and their break out period is now around ten years instead of one year and we took nearly 75% of their centrifuges. Even if they had enough uranium to make a nuke which they don't their uranium is not nearly pure enough to make a weapon after the deal the purity of their uranium is at 3.67 which 90% would be required for a weapon. Many critics say that the united states is paying Iran but in reality it is Iran's own money that we are giving it to them and the only reason Iran is making the deal is because they need the money right now more than ever which makes them very agreeable to our terms.---Taylor

2 points

i believe we should keep the articles of confederation so the power is spread between the states and not the central government because elites could take over and be just like England. just like England the central government could over tax the people instead of letting the states decide how much taxing they need because the people could in the lower class. another reason against the constitution is because the main people who do support the constitution are mainly eastern people trying to take farmers land and sell it to the highest bidder. we also believe the judicial branch will take power from the local governments and make it were someone a thousand miles away and not knowing the actual people. we the anti confederates want to be a self sustaining country and not rely on trade from other countries.

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