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Electric cars are more energy efficient but what you really doing is shifting your energy source from a gas plant to a power plant. This can put more CO^2 in the air. Also the batteries for electric cars are made from metals that have a LOT of mining involved. Putting the car together also makes more greenhouse gasses.

The only advantage of having an electric car (at least some models) allow you to drive in the carpool lane without the minimum amount of people. I think the earth it self maters though.

So lets keep my V8

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That's great that money bought you a dog but isn't it the dog that makes you happy. Say you never payed for your dog and it was given as a gift. Would you not be happy or content with your dog because you didn't buy it? Money can buy things that make you happy but it would not be money itself. Pretend you have a million dollars and you decide to spend it on nothing. Would you be happy? This money would have no purpose. With this money you can buy a house, security, a new phone, and anything you like and these things can make up the ideal life.

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