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RSS Truebeliever

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0 points

I didn't know about this, interesting read. Great find.

0 points

Great blanket statement. Congrats.

6 points

Andrew Jackson is on money though, so he probably will get a pass in most peoples mind. I will have to do a little reading on him to see if his accomplishments outweigh his negatives and then compare to Bush

8 points

I’m no presidential historian, but I think George W. Bush will go down as the worst president ever. Here are just some of the reasons why:

- Couldn’t actually win the election on his own; had to be appointed by conservative judges.

- Sat there, frozen like an idiot reading a book to school children when the secret service told him about the 911 attacks.

- Started a war with Iraq

- Lied about the reasons for starting a war in Iraq – there was no link to Al Qaeda and no weapons of mass destruction

- Opinion: Real reason for starting the war was because his primary backers are oil companies and defence contractors and a war would mean profits for them.

- This means he unnecessarily presided over the loss of 4000+ lives of U.S. Soldiers

- The intended purpose of the war – to help fight Islamic terrorism – has had the opposite effect and actually strengthened it.

- He weirdly and inappropriately massaged German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

- His horrible fiscal mismanagement has seen the value of the US dollar drop tremendously as the U.S. trade deficit has increased.

- He can`t say anything without somehow bungling it up and sounding like a moron.

So what do you think? The crux of this debate depends on if there is a worse president in history. Does anyone know of any?

2 points

Only the most unaware, self absorbed Republican would even consider starting this debate.

To be honest? No it really doesn't concern me.

The U.S, England, France, Russia, Germany, China, India, Pakistan and North FREAKING Korea all have confirmed nuclear weapons! Dozens more countries like Canada, Australia and etc. have the technology to create one if they want.

With all these countries having atomic weapons, shouldn't we be living in bomb shelters? They could go off any minute!?

No. It's called mutual assured destruction and no one wants that. Only 1 country - the good ole USA - every used them in conflict and that was over 60 years ago. No one who obtains these weapons does so with the purpose of actually using one because it is akin to committing global suicide.

So why does Iran want one? Hmm . . . maybe because they are under contact threat of attack from the United States and want to have the ultimate fuck off or else threat! If they had an A bomb, the republicans would have to reconsider invading, because an atomic assault is just too high a price to pay for increased Haliburton profits.

5 points

I can't believe this is even up for debate and that some people are saying no!

If you don't remember what you did yesterday, last week, last month or last year, how are you ever supposed to improve or get better at anything? How will you know if you have made this mistake already? Over time you learn and going forward you apply the lessons from your history! Imagine if we had no personal history? We'd be messed up like that guy in Memento! (very good movie by the way - check it out)

Society is no different, if we can't remember electing some idiot who ruined our economy and got us into a deadly expensive, totally unnecessary war 8 years ago, we are doomed to reelect someone similar! As a society we need to know what happened in the past so we can avoid making similar mistake in the future!

Also, there is a history to every subject: Computer Science, Political Science, Chemistry, Physics, Literature, Economics, etc. Knowing how we got to whatever point in our fields helps give us the perspective wee need to push it forward.

3 points

I think that a key point to consider here is that the majority of high school students are under the age of 18, which means they are not legal adults.

As a society, we have drawn a line in the sand at age 18 - those younger do not have all the same rights and freedoms as those 18 years old or older. Every adult in the United States has the right to choose their own destiny, make their own mistakes and live their own life. They also are held responsible for the choices they make. However, as a society, we feel that it is the best interests of those younger than 18 years old to be protected from themselves, because they more often lack the judgment required to make decisions that are in their long-term best interests. The specific age of 18 is arbitrary, however, I think most would agree that children do not have the capacity to make decisions for themselves and therefore must be protected. Having a cut off date such as 18, while not natural, is a good solution for deciding who is an adult and who is not.

To answer the central question of the debate, No I do not think high school graduation should be made mandatory. However, I do think it is important that we make attendance in school mandatory until the age of 18 years old. Since most students are 17-18 years old when they graduate, a mandatory attendance policy until that age would greatly encourage graduation without making graduation mandatory. In the case of a student who has and early birthday or fallen behind their peers and won't be able to graduate high school until over the age of 18, they would have the option to quit at any point after their 18th birthday, because it would be their right as an adult citizen of the United States to choose to attend school or not.

A policy of this nature satisfies both the need to increase overall graduation rates across the U.S.A while also respect the rights of age of majority adults who are free to make their own decisions. GED programs, of course, would remain in tact, meaning no one is ever left with out a chance to complete high school no matter their age.

What do you think?

8 points

Pornography is created by us and therefore is a reflection of our sexual desires. It is a creative expression of our sexuality, which is one of our most basic drives. Almost all of us are sexual beings with sexual fantasies, aren't they just pornography of the mind's eye? Are our sexual fantasies degrading to society? I think only the most self loathing would say they were. However, if we try and record them and share them, all of a sudden we are causing the world harm? When you think of it this way, it's a hard jump to make.

When people object to pornography, what they are really objecting towards someone else's differing taste in pornography. Otherwise they would have to admit their own fantasies are somehow degrading and negative.

Winning Position: The Worst President Ever

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