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RSS Tursunovaida

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a divorce harm children's psychology.

Children are also often the ones that are given the least amount of

attention. Children can be severely traumatized by divorce, especially if

the divorce is a nasty one, and/or if there is a prolonged or an intense

custody battle.Some children are harmed more by divorce than others. However, all children

will be harmed by a divorce. The things that parents do and dont do will

greatly impact exactly how much a child is harmed by the divorce. In

addition, the childs gender, age, psychological health, and maturity will

also all affect how a divorce impacts a child.

10 Reasons to legalise drugs:

1 Address the real issues

2 Eliminate the criminal market place

3 Massively reduce crime

4 Drug users are a majority

5 Provide access to truthful information and education

6 Make all drug use safer

7 Restore our rights and responsibilities

8 Race and Drugs

9 Global Implications

10 Prohibition doesn't work

It seems to me that age is matter in relationship. If you will have a partner who is 35, you are 20 it will difficult to have a relationship. Because you have different lives you are young you want to go to the club or cinema with friends, want him to do romantic acts. However he is 35 he is tired from clubs. He want to have family, children.

2 points

Yes, It is. Video games stimulate the addiction to video games.

Also Video game worlds are very different from reality. According to a paper from the University of South Africa, video games can lead children to believe, for instance, that problems should be solved with violence and that instinct is the proper way to respond to difficulties instead of thinking them through.

children who play violent video games may become afraid of becoming victims of violence. In some games, nearly every character falls victim to some kind of violence, so children tend to believe this will happen in real life, as well.

Even adolescents who are not naturally aggressive tend to be more aggressive after playing violent video games on a weekly basis, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation,

Children who play video games often become anti-social. In a video game, players are one character against the rest of the characters in the game's world; therefore, in the real world, children may rely less on friends and fend for themselves more.

Usually I do not like the fantastic films. However I liked Twilight. Twilight is more better that Harry potter because harry potter is so dark and without love))) In Twilight you can see true love, friendship, family's love. It is more dramatic and romantic.

it is wrong. Ok, imagine you have many cars, golf. But you do not have a lovely wife who support you. You do not have friends who help you. Will you be happy with your cars and golf?

It will not true and natural feeling. Will you be happy with artificial friends, happiness? everything depends on you, you can be happy without money. Money is not the most importance thing in the world

MONEY CAN'T BUY HAPPINESS! Money is one of the important thing of our life, but happiness is the most important. Some believes that if you have money you can buy everything, but it is wrong. You can not buy feelings. Felling should be true! Happiness depend on person, not on money. You can be happy without money.

2 points

I also think believe in end. Of source, we want some moments last forever, but it impossible. Everithing is end. Love, friendship, abhorrence is end. Nobody can live forever.

It is better to be a girl. First of all girls can give a new life. Also they can wear different clothers,heels and sneakers, dress and djins. We can cry and it will be natural. Another plus is we can be strong or weak, boys usually have to be strong.

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