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RSS Ungernick28

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1 point

actually austrailia has one of the lowest gun mortality rates in the whole world

2 points

guns are made to kill, if not then can you tell me how they can be used without shooting at somthing?

1 point

jesus was a pacifect, so was buddah and ghandi and martain luthur king but i would never say that they were cowards. in fact i think it is much braver to step down from a fight. if somebody punches you i think the harder thing to do is to walk away.

2 points

all guns are used for is killing, they are weapons. that is why we should outlaw them, because all they are made to do is kill. sure you can kill with other things, but most homicide weapons are guns.

2 points

both guns and knives kill people, but guns are way more effective at doing so, that's why we send soilders over seas with guns and not knives, and that is why guns should be banned because they are too effective as weapons

1 point

but most burgerlery's happen when you arn't even home, in which case the gun is mostly likly to be stolen itself. now a criminal has a gun in his hands

2 points

everybody is talking about how the government is going to take over, and guns will be the only way to protect ourselves. it sounds like some bad movie premise. how has the government taken over exactly, and what is so bad if it did? i mean isn't a nation supposed to be run by a government? if we were under the control of a tyrant, then i could understand, but we live in a democracy. we choose our leaders, and can impeach them if we do not like them. it is not a perfect system i know, but it ensures that no person can take control of our country. even if somebody did, then do you really think a gun is going to be you saving grace? if there was a so called tyrant, then he probably has taken over the militia, and do you think that you would win against a trained solider who probably has better weapons.

2 points

guns have no purpose other then killing. i do not think all guns should be banned, but definitely some. if you like to hunt, then go out and buy a hunting rifle. however i believe guns such as AK-47's serve no purpose. they are machine guns, and you do not need a machine gun to hunt a deer. as for self defense, well there are plenty of things you can do before resorting to a gun for defense. you could move to a place with a lower crime rate. buy a taser or pepper spray. get an alarm or guard dog. besides, what would you need a gun for to defend yourself? if it is against a robber then i should let you know that most robberies occur when you are away from home, making the gun pointless.

0 points

people kill people, but guns make it a heck of a lot easier. i do not think all guns should be banned, but some should. if you like to hunt, and you want to kill a deer, then go out and by a hunting rifle. however, certain guns are overkill such as AK-47's. i do not think you need a machine gun to kill a deer. you may say that guns could be used for personal protection, however i think buying a gun for that reason is stupid and paranoid because there are so many other things you can do before resorting to a gun for protection. you could move to a place with a lower crime rate, or by a taser/ pepper spray. you could get a guard dog, but the main idea is that there is little purpose for guns other than their use for killing, and that is why i am against gun rights.

3 points

i thought that we were debating scariness, and if we were then i think the way you die is kind of scary. sometimes vampires don't even kill you but actually make you a vampire, which isn't scary but kind of cool. despite the fact that a werewolf can turn you into a werewolf, that isn't its purpose. its main goal is to eat you.

Winning Position: yes

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