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1 point

voters should not have to take a test vote. who really cares if some people dont no who they are voting for and why.. the point is, people still vote, the decisions are made whether they are bad or good. not everyone should have to be politically intact just for voting.

3 points

"Jessald" its pretty sad taht you have to use wikipedia as your evidence.. most unreliable site

8 points

I am totally lost with this one. i dont really know what to believe in sometimes. i think that there is so much going on to say the existance of god exists that what real evidence do we have that says that god doesnt exist? maybe all the different types of religion are scattered everywhere but if you join them all together then you will see that all religions are all going on about the one god in the end making that to have this many followers, it sort of says that god does exist in his own way

4 points

This is a very debatable topic. there are two sides to this and one is the way the catholic church has portrayed mary which is as jesus' mother and the other is the Da Vinci Code secret which reveals that mary magdalen is jesus' wife.

both of these answers sound right if you didnt no any different... the real question is which one is correct.

my belief at the present time is that mary is jesus' wife. if you look at the painting by Da Vinci Code then you will see that in actual fact all of the "12" deciples are not all men. there is one women to our left of jesus.

according to myths and legends, mary is jesus' wife who was pregnant at the time of her death.

this means that the Catholic church have been doing this all the wrong way. the rightful sex to run the catholic church should be a female becuase when mary died, as the legend goes, she was pregnant.

Supporting Evidence: Leonardo Da Vinci - the last supper (
3 points

No problem!! :-)

3 points

To Kuklapolitan: your argument towards this debate is very much appreciated. Your argument states nothing but what you absolutely believe. it states the truth. that is what this debate is all about

5 points

Kuklapolitan, sorry about your loss. i see where your coming from in this time of need. when you wrote your opposition to me earlier, this sort of an instance had never occured to me. so agreed. there are somethings that you should be able to change.

5 points

hi Kuklapolitan, thank you. yes you have a very valid point. maybe if there was such an instance, might i change my mind. but thank you.

5 points

But what actually proof is there to say that there is no god?? there is no proof to say there is a god but the bibles etc, but my question to you is, what proof do you have that there is not god??

3 points

You think its fairly safe to say man was not respnsible for the big bang?? WTF, seriously, what has this got to do with it?

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