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RSS Urtin3

Reward Points:6
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1 point

MJ may be the king of pop but The Beatles is the FATHER OF MODERN MUSIC.

1 point

I like both of them. But I will go to Sherlock Holmes. He is a REAL crime solver.

1 point

1) What Israel has ever done to you anyway?

2) Proof?

3) That doesn't mean they will launch their nuke anyway, if they had one


5) You right. Only AMERICA can own a nuclear bomb. Other than America, no.

6) That is not a good reason why America should declare war on Iran.


3 points

Typical non-muslim response. Always end it with at least one insult to Quran.

1 point

It's basically the same game every year with only new name, story, characters, and guns.

1 point

Should be "in any god we trust" to make it better and more specific.

2 points

I was going to say that this is illegal. But this is America, free country. So it's a yes.

1 point

God will only send bad, evil, maniac people to hell. If just because you are a Muslim then you were sent to hell even if you done more good deeds than, let's say, The Pope, then God is very unfair.

2 points

Can science explain why all planets and stars are round? Why we looked like this? Why can't we just have legs on our heads? Why do we have to live in the solar system? God is the answer.

2 points

It's not the religion's fault. It's just the person. A Christian can be more violent than Islam. Only that Islam is more organized than Christian. Sorry if this sounds like attacking Christian. Just making my point that religion doesn't do anything directly to any violence.

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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