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RSS Vast2zero

Reward Points:14
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1 point

San Miguel beer. The best beer in the world!

3 points

Religion is not always about peace. Religion can sometimes be about religious domination which eventually amounts to world domination. And to achieve that domination thing, some world religions have taken to violent means to achieve that end. So people who subscribe to such religious beliefs should be suspect. They may act non-violent one day and stark raving mad the next day, on the say so of their religious leaders.

4 points

You wanna talk about religion? Talk to the hand!

-1 points

You should ask a Muslim this question!

0 points

Adam was made first, right?

2 points

Get Vista now and after a year Microsoft is gonna come out with a Vista SuperUltraUltimate Edition that will completely dump today's Windows Vista... and your money down the drain. Har! Har!

0 points

i hate flat-chested girls!

2 points

Are you trying to be funny?!

2 points

In the future, there won't be humans anymore. Not in the normal sense, anyway. Instead, there will be aliens who look and act like humans but will speak telepathically and think faster and better than the humans of today. Some of them are already here. And they're using the robots as their slaves.

About Me

I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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