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RSS Veennyp

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2 points

All we know that we are not an immortal and life is short, but to sympathy with universal misery is not enough. it is our duty to do whatever we can do to stop this natural disaster such as let there be nothing in excess, do as much plantation as you can etc. Now it is an indispensable condition for us to save our earth because I believe live there where everything is well for us. Don't say why bother? because if you bother today then only tomorrow will come for your next generation.

1 point

Don't talk like " as many men, so many minds." Why don't you see how many people were killed due to this terrorism. I don't think the person who kill so many innocent people have some reason because when someone killed in the family, everyone had to suffer. In my point of view I consider all the terrorist as a "demon" who killed an innocent people along with their family. They are enemy of the humanity and their deeds are so obnoxious that they don't deserves mercy too.

1 point

Linux is the best operating system because i feel It is more protective against virus. You can get license version at very good rate as well as no need to install other driver and Microsoft office.

And good control given for users on hardware component.

1 point

They should not be given the time of penitence or repentance. All the people connected to the terrorism should be killed at once because I believe "like cures like".

3 points

I don't think that Mumbai is safe. from last 20 years i am living in mumbai and watching the increased in terrorism attacks over mumbai so once you are going out there is no such guarantee that you will come back home safely.

1 point

yes, i like to how much i am going to live , i thing world so beautiful and i like to enjoy all my time and like to all thing which i am dreaming.but i don't known how much time limit i am having.

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