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RSS Verbluffen

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3 points

Evolution has been proven, it's simple as that. Occam's Razor shows that Creationism is all about assumptions, while making stupid claims that have been disproven. The theory of creation is incompatible with reality itself and cannot be proven.

3 points

Except we've proven that evolution has happened and is happening many of times. You haven't proven your God yet.

1 point

30 years war. 80 years war. The Schmalkaldic Wars, the French Wars of religion, which encompassed eight different wars, not to mention literally all of the Troubles caused by hatred between Catholics and Protestants. Not to forget all of the Jacobite invasions, and this is just in Britain alone. The Northern Crusades, and the first Crusade itself.

We know today that the supposed 'atrocities' committed by Muslims in the middle east were inflated to sound much more vicious than they were. Most Christian actually lived happily in Seljuk-controlled Palestine, as long as they paid the Jizya. We all know that the Crusades were just a ploy for Urban II to unify Christendom, as there was already the dispute with Clement III to deal with. It was also an opportunity for Alexios Komnenos to retake the land lost by his predecessor's incompetence, and supposedly restore the Byzantine Empire.

And let's not forget the amazing brutalities committed by Christians during the Crusades. Like the MULTIPLE bands of Crusaders, specifically those led by Peter the Hermit, who decided that it was too much hassle trying to reach Jerusalem, and instead resolved that looting and pillaging the Serbian and Hungarian countryside was the best option. Their relentless slaughter of Jews and the Byzantine garrisons defending them meant that they had killed many Christians, many Byzantines and many, many Jews by the time they reached Constantinople, with not one Muslim slain to their name.

Once they finally got over into Turkish territory, it wasn't better. Because it was Seljuk land, the Crusaders said that they could basically do whatever they want, like, I dunno, slaughter all the civilians. And that they did. All the inhabitants of Western Anatolia, nearly all of whom were Greek speaking Christians who had been Roman subjects just years ago, were killed without mercy and their towns burned, because they belonged to the Turks and hey, all's fair in love and war.

And once they finally DID get to Jerusalem, what happened? Oh yeah, everyone died. The Crusaders got in and started killing everything they could. Muslim, Jew and gentile alike. Slaughtered by the thousands by bloodthirsty knights. Only the Prince Tancred tried to halt the massacre, by offering Muslims shelter in a mosque. By the time he had returned from fighting, every one of them had been murdered.

This was just the first crusade. Let's not forget that there were almost ten more, each with a corresponding level of brutality. Talk of Muslim aggression is overplayed by a lot. And even if this supposed 'oppression' was NEARLY as bad as you claim it to be, it certainly does not justify the wholesale slaughter of thousands of people by these supposed liberators.

1 point

These options are so incredibly biased. You're not creating debate, you're creating traps and bait.

Imagine a world without Christians. No violent and bloody Crusades, no Inquisition, no raging wars throughout the European continent over 500 years that killed millions.

Sipping coffee at an airport, not having to worry about someone murdering you for not reading the bible.

2 points

Christians are destroying our country.

The genocides and massacres of our pagan population have been committed by extremist Christians from inside and out of this nation, they transcend boundaries and will stop at nothing to promote their hateful ideology. We must ban them from our borders, even those who seek asylum. Even the moderate Christians, the Jews that the Christians are slaying. No Christian can be trusted, all of them believe in this ideology. Forget about the fact that most of them are against these atrocities and this Christian terrorist group is killing their own populations. NO CHRISTIANS CAN BE TRUSTED! Why the hell would any sane and responsible person permit the continued influx of these dangerous insurgents?

Now you know how stupid you sound. Try seeing it from a Muslim's perspective. You and your family have lived in Syria for hundreds of years, and suddenly war tears your country apart. Assad, ISIS and the FSA are all fighting over your city. Friends and family die each day, your neighbors are slaughtered while others join the fighting. You just want to live a normal, peaceful life. One day, the fighting gets so bad, you know you need to leave. ISIS is descending upon your city, and when they take control, Sharia law will be imposed and you will have to live by that code or be executed. No dissent allowed.

So you resolve to leave. Your brother Ahmad hooks you up with a smuggler in Turkey, who says he can take you to the UK. Great! You pay him what's left of the money that hasn't been devalued or taken by terrorists, and board a boat full of people across the Mediterranean. Taking off from Latakia, the boat nearly sinks. It's overcrowded with other people in the exact same situation as you. For days, you don't eat, and huddle around your family as the boat carries you across the ocean. Finally, you arrive in Istanbul. You claim refugee status, or do you? If they reject you, you can't do anything. Can't enter the EU, can't go to North America. Your only option is to stay at the dock, because you can't enter Turkey, and going back to Syria is certain death.

If they do let you in, congratulations. Now you have to make the journey across Europe, where you're faced with racists at every corner who call you a terrorist and tell you to get out of their country. If you ever make it to the UK, good luck finding a job. Arrive in London from Calais, with no English skills and no degree.

The terrorists have taken everything from you. The things you valued, the people you loved, and the home you lived in. And you chose to seek a better life in Europe than die at the hands of the barbarians in Syria.

Whatever happened to compassion, that which the Bible, Torah and Qur'an speak so much of? "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

There are two kinds of Muslims to consider in this situation. European-born Muslims who have been radicalized by ISIS propaganda, who leave their homes to fight for the barbarians, and on the other hand, the moderates, the peaceful majority of Muslims. Out of over a billion Muslims, ISIS membership is at around and probably under 100,000. That's barely a tenth of a million, and it takes a thousand million to account for the Muslim population.

The refugees aren't the threat. The refugees are not the ones carrying out the attacks, they are the victims! They are victims as we are, yet they have suffered worse! Their homes, their families, their entire lives taken away, hundreds of thousands of Muslims who have suffered at the hands of these people. And somehow they're the bad guys when our common enemy kills a few of us?

If we wish to preserve our liberty, we must make our nations into bastions of it. Liberty for all men and women. Freedom from this terrorism that plagues us, and plagues them. They are one of us. We are one humanity. We are all in this together, and we need to see that instead of letting the terrorists divide us with fear and cruelty. Whatever happened to the great Lincoln quote? A house divided against itself cannot stand. We must reject the politics of fear and division and instead foster unity, compassion and kindness among these new residents. Assimilation programs to help them learn the language, job training, things to make them productive members of society. Imagine if we had 20,000 new, English speaking citizens that adhere to our basic values and contribute to our economy.

Imams report from Mosques to alert the FBI of radicalized teens. Muslims every day use their faith to guide them in life, and take to the streets to rally for peace and love. One day, you will wonder why you were the one who didn't board the peace train.

verbluffen Clarified
1 point

I meant stand out as smart and reasonable, god damn! lol come on

0 points

This site is filled with lots of people who ignore reason. You're the one that stands out.

0 points


"Refugees did Paris."

"No, none of the attackers were refugees."


Make sense.

1 point

FromWithin, who bans people from his argument topic for disagreeing with him. Put the facts in front of his face and he'll just say "NO! YOU'RE WRONG! BANNED!"

-1 points

Republicans aren't pro-life. They're pro-birth.

Now that you outlawed abortions, that woman in poverty who couldn't afford a child now has to deal with it. She's dirt poor and nearly homeless, and can't get a job because she grew up so poor she couldn't get a good education.

Because of GOP policies, she gets no money to support herself and her child because to Republicans, she's just a benefit scrounger who needs to work harder. Obviously if you work, you'll get money, right?

Because Republicans are so insistent on spending money on the military, they've put no money into social development and security. Because the Republicans do nothing about the rising costs of college and the power of big corporations, this woman can't get a good education, and neither can her child. The most they can do is work as Walmart greeters and get paid terrible wages.

If the child falls into the wrong places with the wrong people, Republicans don't believe in a chance for redemption. If he did Marijuana, off to jail with him!

Face it. The second that woman has her child, the Republican party stops caring about that kid. They couldn't care less about the child or their family, it just offends them that somehow 'babies are being killed' when most times the fetus's brain isn't even developed enough to form a thought.

Like Obama thinks about killing babies every day. Give me a break.

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