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RSS Vksingh

Reward Points:23
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2 points

god is in the heart of a man. it depends on us whether we believe in god or not.. it is only our faith, nothing else.

1 point

china only show off. it doesn't have much power. many countries are ahead from china...

1 point

Yes, internet is useful. it depends on you in the way you use it.

1 point

in my opinion, pakistan is not attentive about the attack on mumbai on 26/11 2008. pakistan always refuses to do actions on the conspirators.

1 point

Terrorism may be well considered one of the most controversial topics today. One can ask twenty different people their feelings on terrorism and what they believed it to be; a person may get twenty different answers. What are the crucial elements in modern terrorism? There is, first of all a fascination on the media publicizing this so much. The nature and history of terrorism as we know it today is that terrorist's like to provoke the public who has the authorities that gives them the upper hand scenario. The whole point, of terrorism, summed up, is that this is an issue that must not be ignored. Meaning the over reaction of the press, public and governments have to stop exploiting terrorist's that helps them kill innocent people for gaining a title. The only thing that people gain from such an act is capturing attention from the media

1 point

we can stop terrorism only if we want. the government should help.

3 points

i think, the india is not ready to lead the world because of many reasons..

1.) the politians of our country are involved in black money cases. they try to gain or earn money as possible.

2.) they always try to make a big issue of useless topics. e.g., if a politian says something about another politian, they try to make it a big issue .

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About Me

"i want to become a computer engineer.."

Biographical Information
Name: Vinay Kumar
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States
Postal Code: 11004

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