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1 point

Can science explain how our planet exsists in the state that it dose ie supporting life. Despite how incredibly rare that is? Can it explain how our planet somehow hit the intergalactic lottery and not only has all the right factors for supporting life interrerorly but exteriorly as well such as the moon, being the exact right distance from the sun, and having Jupiter in just the exact perfect position to protect us from meteors despite scientists themselves stating how incredibly rare even one of these factors are by themselves?

1 point

Quite right. Atheists belive their is no God and thus that the universe in all its complexity can exist. And the exact correct conditions for life observed here on earth could happen by simple random chance. Despite the mathematical likelihood of such a planet forming with these exact Characteristics in the exact right place ie the correct distance from the sun with a gas giant like Jupiter close by to protect the planet from meteors is so infetesmally small as to be virtually impossible. I doubt this.

0 points

You just unwittingly proved my point. You made the claim that God dosent exsist thus you have the burden. As you said I rejected your claim my proof (if it's even required) is your inability to prove y I urge own opposing claim is you can't prove that God dosent exsist thus it's not irrational to think that he does. People thought the world was flat until it was proven otherwise, people thought the world was the center of the Universe until it was proven otherwise, in the same vain people belive that God exsists and until it is proven otherwise their is no reasion to belive that he dosent.

1 point

How can Atheism predate humanity? Just because a species isn't intelligent enough to to conceive of a God or ask questions that may lead to assumptions of God's existence dosent make them atheist. And even if it did we are talking specifically within the context of Humanity.

1 point

he who makes a positive claim must prove it

That actually was not originally a part of this rule. That was a latter addition added due to the false assumption that one cannot prove a negative. That is obviously false. If I make the negative claim that you are not stronger than me (provided that it's true) then I can quite easily prove such a thing.

if you didn't claim he exsisted contrary to all common sence and logic


I assume you were around back then? If so I'll assume it is simply the senility catching up to you, otherwise we wouldn't be having this debate

Are you suggesting that atheist predates religion, because if so then there are very many archeologists who would like to have a word with you.

As for your following point whigh I won't quote as it is very long


humans have always believed in fairies and sea monsters and wechselbälger

Prove to me they don't exsist I dare ya

I never said they didn't. Not that I belive they do I simply mean that I never made that claim and therefor I need not prove it. So no.

BTW sea monsters do exsist they are called giant squid.

1 point

We are born with our rights. They ate inherent. Government dose not give rights, anything that's been given can be taken away and is therefor a privilege.

3 points

Because they want to get free shit via looting. Oops I mean undocumented shopping.

1 point

Simply because capitalism relies on the already established law of nature. Those who risk the most revive the most. Those who work to establish a company for instance and take on the considerable risk involved gain the most from the success of their endeavor. Those who risk nothing receive nothing.

Capitalism works because it is natural Communism tries to reshape nature so it fails.

2 points

The thing about the second ammendment is that an armed populose is significantly harder to oppress. Despite all the power of the state guerrilla warfare is the weapon of the oppressed (a lesson I though we already thought you brits) guns even the playing field.

1 point

Well I suppose Capitalism not really having a "perfect form" even in theory therefor can.

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"Way above my crowd academically I've always felt comfortable with having adult friends."

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