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2 points

I can handle my investments much better than the government can. Social Security is a gamble that you're going to live longer than others of your generation. We can all agree the system is broken. Let me opt out and take care of it myself.

2 points

Calacanis is worse in the "shameless self promotion" category. I think his character isn't truly who he is. The Calacanis we know from TWiT and elsewhere is funny and entertaining. He gets the vote for bigger ego because what he's conveying this character, something Arrington does not do.

Love them both, and anyone here hating on either is simply envious of their success. I certainly am.

-1 points


6 points

Its happening, just not for the reasons mentioned in traditional media. It is the natural cycle of Earth. Recent studies suggest we could experience significant cooling do to the solar cycles in 150 years (I don't have a citation). I do what I can to protect the Earth, but if we disappeared from the planet, in 1000 years (nothing on the scale of the universe) there would be no evidence our civilization ever existed.

4 points

Its a matter of perception. On the macro level its good for everyone. Improved efficiencies and global communication make a flat world (yes I've read that book). In the global market, we aren't concerned with the little stories of blue and white collar layoffs.

I live in an area that has seen a lot of outsourcing, and its good in the long run. The selfish nature of the human spirit is what keeps those thinking thier job was important enough to stay in their town.

Bitter irony, many companies are starting to insource (outsource to them) back to the US. All the foreign car companies are putting in new plants. Sorry Detroit, they're going to other parts of the country.

Winning Position: Dump, privatize it

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