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RSS Wedding

Reward Points:38
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1 point

awesome, thanks for sharing this valuable and informative information,

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1 point

Drug dealer also have their competitor but their competitor are in low number because of it an illegal business

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1 point

i appriciate your thought, its not depend on only one factor

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1 point

business cycle does not depend on only one factor its depend on the all the factors related to this type of business, in a simple word all those factors effect it which relate to this business dogfood/

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1 point

thanks for telling about YUGE war, and I agreed on your argument, thanks for sharing this information with us,

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1 point

i did not now and think about the YUGE trade war, but i believe on every war i injurious to the economy of every country,

so i against this war,

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1 point

many time I buy and eat deluxe pizza, I think I complete my requirement related to my order, I recommended to every one

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1 point

i think the deluxe pizza is good in taste, quality, price, and quantity,

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1 point

it's right the inverted yield indicates the looming recession, I think no one denies

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1 point

you do not have any right of other money. toremovecaturine_smell/ the money to whom you have a right is your earn money, which you earn with your struggle.

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