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RSS WestbfieldLa

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westbfieldLa(22) Clarified
1 point

That was an exotic smiley lol and yeah that's what I'm sayin. If ordinary people carry assault rifles, then criminals do, and cops should be fairly matched against them on that aspect.

westbfieldLa(22) Clarified
1 point

So we both agree though on cops carrying ASSAULT rifles then?lol that's what I was pretty much arguing bout the whole time

Lol yeah I meant an assault rife not machine gun. A machine gun would be too heavy . Sorry for the misuse of terms .

People have machine guns in their car all the time, specifically cops. They're the best thing to carry around cause they're light. A machine gun can fit in your hand easily so it can fit in your car easier. Also, you do see a difference because it'll only be provided to the countries worst cities, where they need it. A communicator isn't fast enough unless they have teleportation abilities, cops are mostly by themselves. And exactly, obviously you wouldn't fire first or it would be murder. If you're by yourself waiting for swat against Enemies with machine guns, what're you gonna do with a pistol? Also like I said, only certain stations would have em not all. And I'll also enlighten you.. You just told me you said you have no problem with Detroit carrying machine guns yet you're fighting against it right now. Mind if I remind you that Detroit is one of the worst cities in the country.

Id like anyone right now tell me that they wouldn't feel safer with a machine gun in their car. Especially if you're in the countries worst city. would you bring a knife to a gunfight? The same thing applies to bringing a pistol to a machine gun fight. cops are barely protected these days and that's why a lot of em die. Cops put their lives in danger everyday. They have families to support and kids that look up to them. If a cop is in a dangerous situation with only a pistol, when he's facing a madman with a machine gun, then he's dead. Most cops in detrot and other bad cities now carry machine guns in their car to not only protect their lives but to help other people protect their one wants a cop least dominant in a bad situation. Unless the cop is a complete racist or corrupted by something. A cop is always at a disadvantage against a machine gun. That petty criminal with that machine gun will kill that cop, tear apart their family and the kids will wonder what happened to their father. All because he didnt match up against that dangerous criminal. Helping the cops in bad cities, I don't see what's wrong with that when they're by themselves for that period of time. A cop is here to protect people and themselves. How can they protect someone when they have weaker weapons then the opposing force? sure they have help when backup arrives but till then, they need to help themselves otherwise they have a high chance of dying. That's like an army equipped with pistols going against an army equipped with machine guns. Who's gonna die? same thing applies to individual situations. NO ONE wants the people that protect us.. At a disadvantage.

It isn't about fear. It's about people dying everyday by guns. Cops dying everyday by criminals. Take a pistol to a machine gun fight and see who wins. It isn't hard having a machine gun just In case. Detroit is already doing that and they aren't doing it for nothing.

Obviously that is an over exaggeration. I was trying to make a point about how quick something could happen to you when you're in an unexpected fight and you have a pistol vs a criminal with a machine gun. I would think it wouldn't be a disadvantage to have one in your car to take out if you need extra power.

Dude, listen to what you're saying. A machine gun is too small for a police car? Are you talking about a turret or a machine gun? Get your facts straight. A machine gun costs $100,000 ? What world are you living in ? Most machine guns are no where near that fantasy price and you wouldn't be giving it to every department and police care if you READ anything. Only the worst cities In this country would have em, especially ones that are high on violent crimes. USA wasted there stuff on plenty of stuff, they'll make this happen for a lives saved. And what happens from the time he's I'm a firefight to when the swat comes? Think man. Billions of dollars to fix? Man where are you getting your statistics? From an elementary kids diary? And your last remark literally contradicted everything you said. You just wrote down these so called "disadvantages" and now you say that you support Detroit officers carrying machine guns? You're on drugs.

Didn't know a machine gun was too heavy for a car. Didn't know it was that expensive to supply this to the worst cities to select cars. Too much firepower? I would love to see how you react when you just have a pistol against people with machine guns. And To take care of the gun? not that much work to save a life. It's funny cause I'm Detroit now, some of the cop cars there carry m4a1's , heavy duty assault rifles. Why ? Because they'll die with only a pistol. See how well you do against machine guns when you just carry a pistol with you. You'll be dead. It's a lot easier to get machine guns these days and most criminals have em. Cops know this and this is why they carry heavier weapons. Do you bring a knife to a gunfight? No. Then don't bring a pistol to a machine gun fight.

If someone came into your house with a damn machine gun and you had a pistol, who would win? You would most likely be dead with that pistol. And to the person that got 4 points for saying "police are there to protect people, not massacre them". Would you rather get massacred or massacre? cause people that are firing their heavy duty ak 47's aren't going to go easy on you and that pistol is going to get you killed. that's why more cops are starting to carry heavier weapons. Too many cops die already from MURDERERS. Last time I checked, there's a death penalty for that.

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