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RSS Westernslave

Reward Points:695
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10 most recent arguments.
westernslave(695) Clarified
1 point

only a blind ignorant shitball would see it as being smart.

westernslave(695) Clarified
2 points

its too bad nobody ever wanted to sexually abuse you................

if our leaders really wanted the world to unite...there would have been a universal handsign language implemented and used many years ago. just imagine how easily that could have been agreed upon/introduced/taught in schools worldwide.

anybody could go to any country, no matter what language is spoken and sign for directions to the nearest hotel/good place to eat.

truth is, they dont want you crossing the borders/walls of separation and seeing whats out there.


segregation=$ for the ultra rich scum bags that rule you

as far as you Q....there could be a universal language that doesnt change the cultures

westernslave(695) Clarified
1 point

that fucking didnt make any fucking sense.........fuck fuck fuckity fuck ;)

westernslave(695) Clarified
1 point

you were lost way before i came are some links in case you feel like taking your head out of your ass.

curious though....what makes you believe the holocaust?

theres no denying many jews died/were murdered during that period, but what makes you believe the 6 million figure?

i agree that you tax paying slaves wont do a damn thing about it. you worthless cowards deserve your human rights to be violated

arent you afraid to burn in hell for such blasphemy?

and what what makes you doubt the word of god?

will you be going to your church and asking for a refund?

ps...being an agnostic is pussy, you cant just safely straddle the fence like a faggot. make a decision you fucking coward.

westernslave(695) Clarified
1 point

108,000? was that in the final halliburton/kbr report? saddam killed 1 million? who told you that....the same people saying 6 million jews were killed during ww2? most of the iraqi's were killed by iraqi's? lol sure....i guess the american troops were too busy guarding the oil fields.

the cross avi of yours backs up what a fucknut you really are...

Israel announced it is taking more strict measures to ensure that any plane nearing their airspace is identified properly. I am assuming they plan to have fighter jets on 24 hour alert and expect to scramble them to shoot down any unidentified plane.

i wonder how much that will cost american tax payers? didnt we already buy those fuckers an iron dome to protect from such attacks?

the jew stream media was pretty quick to blame this on iran...what a surprise.

what exactly could the said iranians accomplish by jacking one plane and flying it into a country guarded as well as israel? not a damn thing...

this is most likely just another jew designed false flag attack.

hermaphrodites are freaks of nature and should be sent to hell ASAFP!

amen and god bless help me god

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About Me

"if you are reading this, then chances are i made you feel like the dumbfuck you are."

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Gender: Male
Age: 45
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: United States
Religion: Atheist
Education: Masters

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