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RSS Whatever19

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You're so ugly you're hairline is receding just to get away from your face.

1 point

In the article it was called a mistaken belief thats the same thing as falsely accusing him of being some sort of traitor.

1 point

in a way it is, its an attempt at hope.That in the end there will be some grand homecoming, versus eternal nothingness. But, drugs and alcohol are extreme forms of escapism as well, why the hell not escape every once in a while.

1 point

Gay people also organize and come together in a parade, but does that make them a religion? people pro- abortion organize, does that make them a religion? And read your own words;

"It is based on someones belief system. And atheists organize just like people of faith do."

Atheists dont have faith, they have a single belief that God or other gods dont exist.

1 point

here is the dictonary definition of relgion;

the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power , especially a personal God or gods.

Atheists have a common belief that there is no superhuman controlling power.

But, if you were to look at every other religion there is more than a common belief it is also a God or gods who are worshiped.

Atheists worship nothing.

1 point

I can say that im slightly obsessed with getting tattoos. i dont plan tp become a tattoo freak (i only have two), but i do want More, and i only get small ones anyway.

1 point

I apologize i can be an overly-sarcastic bitch, but its been taken to far im sick of your comments constantly being basically the only on appearing on my page. its done.

1 point

first of all i didnt waste any of my time reading another of your bullshit disputes and can you please relay to me the instance in when i called you a name?

I can assure you im not crying, in fact im laughing at you because you seem to have your panties in a twist. In all the other debates i dont seem to see anyone else resorting to such juvenile behavior. You sound stupid.

1 point

I would say most of the time i'm able to tell, but one time i had a crush on a guy who was quiet and nice. Then, i saw him a few months later and he was doing everything but wearing a rainbow flag as a shirt.

0 points

You are ridiculous, i don't care if your offended by me having an opinion, and all that unnecessary name calling in all of your disputes shows how mundane you truly are. It also shows who is the true asshole grow the fuck up, dispute when you disagree with me, but you're the only son of a bitch calling people names. I find it funny as hell, really, but it is also pitiful as hell.

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Winning Position: White-Black people

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