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RSS Willrob

Reward Points:4
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1 point

It may support trade, but is it good for American jobs? NOOOO

2 points

NAFTA is not really good. NAFTA is slacking because it's leading to the loss of nearly a million American manufacturing jobs to Mexico. NAFTA led to so many problems with truckers. With free trade throughout the continent and the countries' different regulations on 18 wheelers, there were so many traffic issues in Mexico and the US with different sized trucks that don't fit the other countries regulations.

1 point

According to the 10th Amendment of the Constitution, all powers not delegated to the Federal Government of the USA, are reserved to the states or to the people. According to our supreme law of the people of the United States (the Constitution), this should be left to the local and state governments. NOT the Federal Government.

willrob(4) Clarified
2 points

I agree, I want to keep my rights and my direct democracy. With this "New Constitution" I think it will immediately turn into a monarchy. With a strong central government, we will be stuck in the same situation as we were before over 200,000 people died for our freedom. They did not die just for us to lose it merely two decades later.

2 points

The Articles of Confederation was the original Constitution, but it was a completely separate document. The Article of Confederation gave more power to the states and had a weak federal government. The main problems with the Articles were that it did not give the Federal Government a standing army and that the Federal government did not have the power to tax the states. These weaknesses led to Shays' rebellion which made the founding fathers realize the need to reform the Articles of Confederation. They ended up completely rewriting the document and with what is now the Constitution.

5 points

Back on the farm, we elected who was gonna do everything. Democracy was key. Without democracy, Paw woulda been driven just 'bout crazy with decidin' who in tarnation was gonna shovel them dern cow patties. With this necessary and proper clause, there ain't no limit to what the fed'ral government can do. Us farmers ain't even got ant representation up in New York City with all them aristo-crats. We may be simple minded folks, but we know what's good and whats been working for these United States. The key is that last word... The States. We want our representation and the only dern place we're getting that is in the House and in our state governments. Ooooooh boy, if there was a standin army, who's to stop them folks from pointin them muskets all us farmers. The thing we cit'zens need is a paper statin' all our rights, mhm. Without that, whats to stop these officials from takin' away the rights of me 'n my 13 sons. I just reckon I'm scared just 'bout outta my wits that this ole elastic clause is gonna take away my freedoms I done got shot in my biggest toe for and watched my closest chum, Carl Joe Williams, get got through the gizzard for. I may be simple, but so is my argument. I just want to keep my freedoms. I fought hard for them just like you educated boys, and I just can't wrap my head around why y'all are trying to throw all them rights away

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