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RSS Winchester

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First off. said recycle..but you forgot that REDUCE, reuse and recycle is the order. People think that just because you recycle something then the problem is done. WRONG. we should be putting all that energy we spend recycling on actually cleaning the planet and doing productive things, not cleaning up afters our faults. Recycling isn't a 100 percent a "green" process either. Also..have you not heard that reusing plastic water bottles a lot can cause health issues. The plastic disintergrates into the water. Buy one tin, or glass bottle and use it for ever..end of problem, oh and don't worry guys "you can nice cold water in them too" !

Oh. and thanks for not giving a shit about the planet we all live on and I want my children, and their children, and their children's children...and so be able to live and enjoy this beautiful planet we live on. real considerate of y'all. Thanks for being so selfish. :)

1 point

never said anything about abortion. The original reason scientists decided to start being able to manipulate genetic structures was to save the lives of fetus' with defects, defects that put their lives at risk. Those fetus' who will 100 percent get hereditary diseases that can cost their lives, they aren't meant to survive, if we create a way to insure the survival of every fetus then WAY TO OVER POPULATE THE WORLD. MORON.

1 point

It's people like you that make this world sick. So superficial, ignorant, and quite plainly, stupid. What don't you get about the world already being over populated? Sure save one life, so they can have kids, who can have kids, who can have kids, who can have kids..and so you not realize that saving one life has the potential to create thousands more? Save that one life, and in the future you're killing many other lives. The world can't support so many people, not everyone is meant to survive. Where are your values if it really matters to you what your child looks like? It's so wrong, not natural, disgusting, and I really hope you don't plan on any type of reproduction, the world not only can't handle many more people, it can't handle dumb, destroying, ignorant, sick people like you.

1 point

Yakeyglee(30). Sure the parents may agree with it but who are they to choose what their child looks like, how do you think the child will feel when he or she is older and knows that his or her parents chose how he or she was going to look. All the time parents say " we love you just the way you are" would mean absolutely nothing, parents are supposed to give unconditional love and care for their child, not once letting the appearance of their child being a factor. The world is full of diversity, the way it should be, keeping things interesting. I think this is sick, sick, sick.Even if parents can't have a healthy natural baby, they should still not be given the chance to. Sure that must suck not to be able to have your own kids, but the truth is that as a species we are over populated and if people can't have their own children, they should adopt! It's hard to put words down to describe exactly what makes me so strongly disagree with this, but my mind is telling me this is just no natural, it's wrong.

Winning Position: water bottles should be legal

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