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RSS Wisegrip

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1 point

There are those who support the claim that their is no life after death making the idea of spiritual beings an illusion well if that is so I have a link to one of many paranormal events of course we can feel people have spent there time and money setting up and damaging their own property just to fool us a number of different people have experienced what they call paranormal events and all these people around the world are spending money just to fool you?

Paranormal Link
1 point

For those who seem to feel there is no difference between man and animal which brings the question why is there even a label recognizing man and animal?

If there those of us who subscribe to this idea that animal and man are equal then I have to say we as humans have clearly done animals and injustice, a significant injustice and that we have captured them, we have caged them, we have experimented on them, we have paraded them in zoos, we have hunted them.

We have denied them citizenship, we have refused to educate them in our prestigious schools.

Clearly with all of these atrocities directed at animals who are equal to man these animals need to be paid reparation. These animals need to be allowed to have drivers license, these animals need to be given citizenship, allowed to vote and choose which communities they want to reside in.

We animals have allowed the horrific treatment of animals to go on far too long so frankly it's time we pay the piper!

1 point

It seems to me after what I've read neither title fits.

At the website I'm not sure I agree with this statement "Animals cannot talk or communicate with each other"

For me however the biggest different I find is animals can't conceptualize. Even the winged animals can fly with grace, ease and accuracy if you could communicate with them I doubt they could understand the principles behind a turbine engine.

If one could sit down with group of lions would they be able to grasp the concept of a universe?

Supporting Evidence: Animal verses Human (
wisegrip(132) Clarified
1 point

Whether you can buy it or not he is The Only One That Can Explain His Actions. If some guy rapes a woman Is She Suppose To Be Able To Explain The Reasoning behind the Rapist actions?

As I understand the bible Adam for sure was just an experiment God wanted to see if his creation would listen and obey him or go their own way. WELL we got the answer to that question and little seems to have changed since that day.

Of course it's just my opinion but I'm under the belief the Bible didn't record every second out of everyday so as shocking as it may seem mankind just may not have been given all the answers.

wisegrip(132) Clarified
1 point

As hard as it is to believe I also don't believe one should force their beliefs on others which include those that don't believe in faith base concepts. Your statement " Live and let live is a good way to put it" really isn't how most times in America we don't live that way. Children have to worry they can't play outside for maybe being kidnapped. Females have to worry if they can reach their car before being attacked. Store clerks wonder will this customer be the one to harm them and more of these condition citizens have to deal with regularly here in America.

2 points

What AlofRI said makes sense to me unfortunately I'm going One Step Beyond. I believe we have gotten America to the point where it's people no longer know what they want anymore. We say that rap music is bad for you but we have businesses supporting rap music. We have pumped ups people's chest by saying "Stand Your Ground" so now everyone's packing cold steel just waiting for you to look at them funny. The number of brutal confrontations on videotape seems to be endless. It would also appear that we have no problem showing our racial bias on city buses, fast food restaurants or out in the street which we identify as road rage. The idea that one can believe in nothing makes them a good person if however you believe in something you're a bad person.

Of course if you don't believe this "Go Ahead, Make My Day!"

1 point

I believe power corrupts because we are all the same in that we have similar likes, similar fears. Some people may be corrupt but not all people act on treating others as if they now are superior.

Consider the following scenario:

you enter an expensive department store but people barely notice you in the store and when they service you their attitude is blasé. One day you are a proud winner of the lottery and were talking big bucks. If you return to that same department store will your attitude still be the same as accepting that sort of treatment?

1 point

SatintLater I'm presuming the following words of yours is for me.

"none of that is racism. if anything it's cultural resistance to integration, the exact same thing that BLM are fighting for in the modern day. we've tried to integrate and now they fear that they cannot be blacks and that their "Lifestyle" their "Culture" is being torn away."

James Byrd Jr. (May 2, 1949 – June 7, 1998) was an African-American who was murdered by three men, of whom at least two were white supremacists, in Jasper, Texas, on June 7, 1998. Shawn Berry, Lawrence Russell Brewer, and John King

[ "none of that is racism" ]

New York City cop, who had ... 70th Precinct where he rammed a broken piece of a broom into his rectum. .... a stick up Mr. Louima's rectum and asked him if he wanted to see i

[ "none of that is racism" ]


Title: White Men Killing Random black people (Captured)



Posted comments


SeekTV1 month ago

its so funny to watch black people getting killed, i dont know why people dont think the same

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SeekTV15 hours ago

+James Fleming of course we are, niggers are all criminals and dumb animals


anon 73

anon 731 month ago

playing cowboys and niggers is all :)

[ "none of that is racism" ]

It appears to me that someone should know what they're saying before they say it.

The following statement "we've tried to integrate " is rather pathetic to say the least because that statement implied that an effort was made to extend a hand to minorities when in fact it took a constant battle in the court rooms to force people to give African-Americans some of the same privileges and rights that they have been denied for hundreds of years. The We Tried, applies only to a minute Number of White Americans!

The question becomes where are our the Black fathers? Have you tried looking in the White jails, The White prisons most assuredly will find a number of those Black fathers with some sort of ridiculous charge in those White Prisons.

For someone to save to A Black person that you are merely perceived as living in a racist culture is someone that absolutely does not know what the heck they're talking about!

1 point

I can't really comment of how India is govern per se as I've not spent much time studying them. I do have a good understanding how males, men think and men have a hard time sharing power or turning over control especially without an ugly battle haven't taken place.

1 point

Maybe it's just me but it seem to me "This site has many people who want someone else to take care of them" This idea is how America operates.

The Rich Expects The Not So Rich To Keep Buying What They're Selling So They Can Stay Rich.

Agencies looking for donations for the poor are looking for others to keep suppling them with donations.

Companies, factories are looking for people to show up and work so the companies can stay in business.

We created this system so what's the complaining about?

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