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RSS Wledlund

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2 points

What evidence is there that everything didnt happen by chance? Dont things happen to people by chance every day, or is everything that happens, good or bad, God's plan? Though i do realize that it "feels" good to think that there is a creator than that everything happened by chance, whether or not the former is true is always up for debate. I am currently in a battle within myself, especially after reading Thomas Paine's Age of Reason, even though it is a totally deistic view of religion. The FACT is, God didnt give us a book called the Bible, the Catholic church found the Books in the Bible and decided which books would be called the Word of God, with no chance of debating the actual existence of such a thing.

2 points

Whether or not something is scientifically proven or a theory are simply human conventions that we try to apply to the unexplanable. There are too many natural occurences that we as humans will try to explain and simply fail to explain, which is how I believe creationsim was brought about in the first place. People tried to explain the incomprehensible.

2 points

What evidence is there that universal evolution doesn't exist? The universe constantly changes. Creationism is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the creation of the ever expanding universe. One must realize that the books of Genesis were not testimonies by God, and therefore were not revelations to us. A revelation is only a revelation to the individual who received the information directly from God himself. As soon as the person tells someone else that something was revealed to him by God, it can only be hearsay and nothing else.

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