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RSS Wolverinetre

Reward Points:238
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10 most recent arguments.

>United States

>Strongest nation on Earth for 67 years and counting

>That debt? Just a number; who would ever collect?

>Highest GDP on Earth

>Worth 51% of the global economy

>Largest navy in the world

>Has military bases on 1/3rd of the Earth

>Only country with a functioning railgun

>30 years technologically superior to any other opposing nation's military on Earth

>Only military that has the industrial and technological capacity to mass produce unmanned drones

>Developing a new generation of spaceships

>Only country to have been to the Moon

>Only country with a private sector actively working in space

>Global center of the arts, humanities, education, finance, commerce, business, warfare, technology, industry, culture, politics and communication

>Owns the most cities on the World Cities ranking chart

>Won WWII singlehandedly

>Never lost a war in its 237 year history (Vietnam didn't win; look at them and look at the US now; same with Canada in 1812)

>Leader of the free world

Don't like us? No problem.

At the end of the day, you are all American people. The Facebook you use? American. Google? American. Apple? American. Microsoft? American. Every other thing on the planet except for putting milk into tea? American. You follow our elections (inb4 "I don't"; oh, really? You don't know whether Obama or Romney won?) You watch our movies and television shows. You wear our clothes. You copy our vernacular. You access American websites. You copy our Constitution and our laws. You read our books, ponder our art, use our weapons, drive our cars. The global economy is based on the US Dollar. Our military maintains bases on your soil. When our President speaks, you listen.

You are ALL American people.

Are you serious? Oh, look. Another bleeding-heart maverick looking for a cause. "In God We Trust" is the most harmless, useless piece of text that I've ever seen in my life. Why can't you deal with it?! Who cares? Does it affect you? Are religious nuts barging down your doors?


- Britain has a state religion

- abortion is illegal in Ireland

- Liechtenstein didn't allow women to vote until 1984

And yet, unbelievably, Europe is called progressive.

I would have to say that Thomas Jefferson was the best president the U.S. has ever had. He truly valued a secular United States.

Islam? Peaceful? These are contradicting terms; never before has the world seen a larger cesspool of despair, hunger, corruption, war, and genocide under a particular Muslim rule. The Muslim religion allows for said corruption to not only survive, but to thrive. There is no doubt in my mind that there are peaceful Muslims out there, but, to be entirely honest, they're few and far between.

Excuse me, sir, but how does this have anything to do with my argument? And don't even speak about diversity.

The United States is MADE of immigrants.

We had to get the hell out of England because it was so wretched.

America is a melting pot of all customs. England is white.

Is this even an argument? Saints Row is some stupid GTA knock-off where you run around in a big comical city.

In GTA, you're basically free to roam New York (dubbed Liberty City) and do whatever you want. It's much more realistic.


You're coming across from this pseudo-anarchist point of view.

Most (yes, most) porn stars/prostitutes were abused when they were children. And yet you say it's a choice...

No one chooses to sell their body for money. It's common knowledge that these people grew up in an abysmal household situation.

Libertarians will argue that it's their "choice". Come on. Who would choose something like that? Their moms were probably drug addicts/prostitutes themselves.

And you say it's a choice?

Haha. But you're not serious, are you? Africans and Native Americans built this country?

We destroyed the Native American way of life so deeply that we have to give them free land to this day.

Wait, why is this a controversy? Not kidding.. I don't know...

Ah, the epitome of a infantile liberal who desires to be cool and different in voting for libertarian despite their vastly contradicting views.

Ron Paul:

- anti-abortion

- anti-gay rights

- wants to eliminate the federal government

- wants to eliminate the age of consent

- if you don't have health care, you better find a good Christian church!

All of these views violently butt heads with liberal views.

Oh, and he'll never win. Why, you ask? No, it isn't because everyone on the Earth isn't as intelligent as you. It's because no one, and I mean no one (aside from people on the Internet), wants this psycho-fuck to be the president.

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Winning Position: Why did 95% of blacks vote for Barack Obama in 2008?
Winning Position: Valid argument for anarchy
Winning Position: No
Tied Positions: I have a reason vs. I don't know

About Me

Biographical Information
Name: Joseph Xxxx
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Libertarian
Country: United States
Religion: Atheist
Via IM: imwolverinetree

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